Sabra says, “One bite. One bite of Sabra’s dips and spreads on your favorite bread, chips or vegetables is all it takes to savor the rich, smooth, unique flavor of the Mediterranean. With 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol, Sabra’s dips and spreads are perfect for entertaining friends, serving to family or just for one.”

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Red Pepper Sabra

Sabra Red Pepper hummus

Taste & Consistency: This is SUCH a highly hyped hummus I knew I HAD to give it a try, but truth be told, YES it’s definitely “creamier” and smoother thanall the other brands of hummus I’ve tried! If you look at the ingredient list, you’ll know that it’s because Sabra puts more TAHINI into their mixture. Apart from the red pepper glob in the center, there are some fine pieces of peppers mixed into the hummus. Unfortunately, the flavor of the red peppers are overwhelmed by the strong tahini flavor in the hummus.

My verdict? 8/10. It’s tasty and I love how smooth it is, but I wish there was more red pepper flavor!


Hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts


Taste & Texture: This is regular hummus with a pine nut mixture strewn over the top. The hummus itself is still the creamiest and smoothest hummus I have tried on the market, but it’s no secret that this is because of the extra tahini, which boosts its calorie count as well. Truth be told, the pine nuts don’t add much flavor to it.

Verdict: 7/10.