Holla Chicas!!! (My roomie says this too much :P)

Lately, I’ve been getting a little light-headed at the beginning of my workouts though I eat ~200 calories about 30 minutes before. I’ve also noticed I’ve been eating less protein than usual. Could that be why I get dizzy?

Apart from the less protein aspect, I haven’t changed my workout intensity at all and I’m getting more sleep than ever before! Hmmm…Any professional’s out there got some feedback for me?

Let’s look at more eats while you’re kindly helping me ponder this problem. πŸ™‚

No Time for Oats

breakfast 'n snacks

A nice big apple, a Wildblueberry PURE Bar for breakfast and a pack of Wold of Grains garlic herb crackers for my AM snack (Love the grainy-ness!!). Though everything was tasty, my tummy misses the HOT and slurpy oats.

My first blueberry PURE bar ever!


Taste: I love the slightly tart flavor of blueberries in this bar!!
The organic dates helped to tone down the sour factor and the
larger-than-average cashew & walnut pieces embedded throughout the bar
gave it a fragrant indulgent flavor.

Texture: The bar was really moist and slightly chewy thanks to natural
stickiness of the dates. The surprisingly crunchy nuts really made
this bar stand out, adding a wonderful and unique textural contrast to
the bar.

Overall: LOVE that this bar is naturally fruity but still satisfying,
moist but also crunchy! Flavor-wise, it reminds me of the much-loved
Larabars but packs MORE protein and has a great crunch from the nuts!
Overall, a delicious and tasty bar that I’d eat again and again. I
just wish it were less expensive.


Pass the SOGGY Wrap!

spinach wrap lunch

For lunch, I made a big side salad consisting of carrots, roasted red peppers, canned artichokes, cucumbers, and mixed greens. The soggy part comes in here – the garlic stir-fry of egg whites, enoki mushrooms, & 4 cups of spinach to stuff into my wrap.

wrap insides

At lunch, I just heated up the stir-fry and a Yantoufan WW wrap, then stuffed it with 4 tbs Athenos Hummus, half a can of french cut green beans, and my stir-fry!! It was SO warm and juicy…mmmm. I LOVE hot lunches.

jammy sammy

Sometime around 3, I wanted something sweet and reached for one of these Revolution Foods mini PB&J’s. For 110 calories, this was quite a little sandwich.

Overall, I probably wouldn’t eat this flavor of Sammie again, mainly
because I don’t think the grape and PB combo worked for me. I AM a 100% Strawberry jam & PB combo fan. πŸ™‚

Wintermelon wife cake

I was pretty hungry by the time 7pm rolled around and busted out a WINTERMELON cake from Chinatown. If you translate this pasty literally from Chinese, I had a “Wife Cake”. YUMMMYYY!!!

It’s hard to explain what it is exactly, so click here for a recipe illustrated by pictures of how to make a Wife Cake! πŸ™‚

I tried to slice it into wedges, but couldn’t resist and ate the whole thing.


Dinner Feast for Two

Nothing like treating yourself well on a weekday night huh?


I went over to the bf’s home to cook dinner. We each made 3 dishes! Guess which one’s were mine.

Here’s what they were from the top left:

  • Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce, boiled edamame, terriyaky bak choy,
  • Home-baked assorted pita chips, beer-steamed orange roughy, spinach & beansprout miso stir-fry!

bean sprout spinach stirfry

OK, so I made this stir-fry and wanted to pay tribute to it because we finished it first!

The only leftovers after dinner were the meatballs. heheheh


Oatmeal Honey Peanut Choc Chip Cookies


Of course…I had to bake again! The boyfriend wasn’t a fan of these cookies claiming they were too “oaty” for him. Grrr I will convert him one day!!!

We devoured 2 warm cookies each with some coconut milk vanilla bean ice-cream. Yuuuuummm.

cookies and coconut ice cream

I really enjoyed this flavor and would buy it again if I
wanted a natural tasting coconut-flavorerd ice-cream! I wouldn’t use it in
replacement of vanilla ice-cream because it packs too much flavor by
itself, but I’d eat it right out of the tub. Or even in plain
oatmeal!!! HMMM…I think that’s what I’m going to do next.


Hope you guys have had a FABULOUS day…

and if you have your 2 cents on pre-workout dizziness, please drop me a line or two. πŸ™‚