Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!!

My unconventional Easter day was spent volunteering in Chinatown at a Health Care Fair as a medical interpreter. It has been one of the most meaningful things I’ve done for myself in a long time and I just wanted to share little bits of what happened.

My emotions from the day simply boiled down to:  frustrated, sad, yet enlightening.

Frustrated, because the HUNDREDS of people who showed up were uninsured, many didn’t even speak English, and too many suffered from illnesses that required medical attention. And I couldn’t help them.

Sad, because most of these honest folks who worked so hard to make a living were so clueless about how to take care of themselves. Too many people couldn’t get the surgery they need simply because they didn’t know HOW to get to a hospital and the money for the surgery. One man was going to lose his kidney because of kidney stones that was discovered too late.

and I’m enlightened, because I’ve realized how much I have to be grateful for. How selfish and wrapped up in my own life I can be. And how trivial some of my own issues are compared to so many others.

YES, for the past 4 months, I’ve been physically living and eating healthier, but I believe I still need to learn to be less self-centered, to give more, to learn to put other people’s needs before my own in order to truly be spiritually fulfilled.

I welcome any comments and suggestions on how I can achieve this and hope ya’ll will join me too!


Now on to the eats shall we?

Pumpkin Irish Oat Bran

with 1 crumbled PB Vitatop, 2 tbs Chocolate PB2, & Fresh Pineapple wedges


I microwaved the vitatop for a minute and melted the measly 4 PB chips. Again, I was disappointed with the floury flavor of muffin. Sorry Hungry Girl….so far….not too impressed with my VitaTops.


I wanted some crunch after the oatmeal so went back to the pantry for some good old Kix & Honey bunches of oats with skim milk. This did the trick!dsc02821


Joy Yees Noodles for Lunch

Since I was in Chinatown the whole morning (7am till 1pm) the bf met me for a late lunch. I was STARVING by then.

We shared this Taro Smoothie Bubble Tea. JUST as yummy as I remember it to be. 🙂


For an appetizer, Nick and I shared these Chicken lettuce wraps! The chicken was SO well seasoned and garlic-y, the basil was sooo fresh, and the rice noodles were soft & perfectly cooked.


I ordered a Korean Spicy Seafood Rice Soup that came in this awesome metal pot. There were tonnes of mussles on the bottom and 6 big prawns floating on top. Nice and spicy just the way I like it. dsc02831


Joy yees didn’t have fortune cookies (*GASP* YES, I am one of the few Asians who actually LOVE fortune cookies after my Pan-Asian meals), so I was sooo sad when the waiter said they don’t do fortune cookies. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Instead, I went to the Chinese bakery and got myself this Lemon Raisin Twist.


It hit the spot…but it was definitely a little too big after our big lunch…next time, I’ll have to bring my own fortune cookies.


Silver Spoon Dinner

Some of our friends were in town this weekend, so the bf and I went out with ’em to a thai restaurant downtown called Silver Spoon. It’s a great deal for tasty authentic thai dishes that I’d recommend anyone on a budget. 😉

I ordered a Mixed Vegetable with Chicken stir-fried in a yummy sweet soy sauce to share with the bf.


and a thai green curry with shrimp!dsc00014

SOOOO delicious. I love coconut milk curry that’s a little sweet and a little spicy. mmmmm dsc00015


All in all, a FABULOUS weekend with lots of thoughtful moments.

Do YOU volunteer somewhere?

Teach me how to be a better person!