Hi there!!!!

I know the weekend is over, but that’s partly why I have a food blog!  To re-live weekend highlights of course!

Here’s my favorite day of all, because I got to go to RED MANGO (this amazing fro-yo shop) for FREE!! Read on to see why I’m so in love with it. P.s. Read closely if you’d like to try a tasty product on me!


Early Birds Eat Cereal

Kicking off the Morning with some of My Way Cereal, a sliced banana, and cup of original coconut milk!

mix my own cereal

This puppy arrived in the mail for me last Friday, so I had to bust out the mix of bran flakes, dried blueberries, apples, & almonds to sample.

my cereal mix

I have to say, this wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. Maybe it wasn’t mixed particularly evenly, but I felt like all I had were these super-crunchy bran flakes! Good thing they go SO DARN WELL with the soft banana and coconut milk!! dsc02939

I usually can’t stop at one bowl of cereal, so I went for a second filled with Kashi multi-grain puffs and my new favorite cereal: Barbara’s Bakery Multi-grain shredded spoonfuls!!!!

I repeat, I’m in LOVE with these.


Brunch Lunch!

True Lunch came in the form of a Spinach egg McMuffin plate with potatoes, and some good ‘ol messed up parfait in a bowl!


I dumped a whole lot of Bis S Farms Extra Hot Salsa on the egg…


and VOILA!!! The perfect sandwich was BORN!!!

muffin sandwich

Big S Farms makes the CHUNKIEST salsa I have ever had!! The extra hot sauce left a delicious flaming after taste in my mouth, but it was perfect with my yogurt parfait, which helped to put out the flames. And guess what, YOU do SMELL a gourmet salsa giveaway coming your way!!! So stay tuned…


The bf and I hit up the outlet mall right after lunch and literally shopped for 5 hours STRAIGHT. By the end, I was so exhausted and frankly, pretty crabby from hunger that I stopped talking (which is rare when i’m with the bf). hehe

SUDDENLY, I was hit with a stroke of genius!!!!

Over the week, I had gotten an e-mail from my “friends at Red Mango” (I wish), notifying me that a new shop was opening in the suburbs of Illinois and that there were FREE fro-yo’s from 1-6pm!! Holy Moly!!!!!!

Of course, I had already planned this shopping trip knowing Red Mango would be on the way home, so off we went!

After a 10 minutes wait in line, I got my AMAZING Orignal with kiwi and blueberries.


OMG this was HEAVEN!! For those of you who are used to the regularly pretty SOUR frozen yogurts, this was NOT the case. This 90 calorie cup was creamy and indulgent, almost reminding me of those soft serve cones you can get at carnivals.

It was SO delicious, the boyfriend and I got back in line a SECOND time around (hey! It’s free!!)

red mango twins

The boyfriend got an Original with mochi, and mine is a Green tea with strawberries on the right. I had to pay $1 for it, but WHATEVER, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE fro-yo!!!


If anyone wants to get on my good side, buy me a green tea fro yo fromRed Mango please!


After our late afternoon snack, we made a pit-stop at Costco so I could pick up a 4 pounds bag of spinach (haha) and something else VERY special…Costco chicken!! YUMMY!!!!

Our drive back took an hour, so I munched on some of Cape Cod’s new popcorn line in the sweet & salty flavor. This was a super light and crunchy popcorn that isn’t as drenched in sugary coating as the lesser evil snacks. Unfortunately, its top 3 ingredients are: Sugar, Popcorn, & corn syrup. cape cod popcorn

For 110 calories per 1.5 cups, it’s definitely a very tasty sweet & savory treat if you don’t mind the ingredient list!


Costco ALL The Way!!

ALL the dinner ingredients came from Costco!

Including, a big Spinach and onion stir-fry on the left. The orange roughy steamed in a tupperware with Thai green simmer sauce, and a delicious Rotisserie chicken that I butchered up.


Whenever I share a chicken the bf, he goes for the legs and I go for the breast.

hehehe That sounds a little shady doesn’t it?

And we had Roasted potatoes with onion for some oomph!


Poast dinner, I had a pack of Qbel Peanut Butter wafer rolls.

Qbel wafers PB

Did I ever mention how delicious these are?!?!?! The filling is SO rich and creamy, and the wafer literally melts on your tongue.

If you leave me a comment about why you read my blog, I’ll pick someone and ship a pack of these to you…on me! 😛

chocolate fortune cookiesLast but not least, I ended the night with 3 chocolate fortune cookies. Here’s my first fortune.


Fat chance that’s gonna happen though. heheheh

Have a great day loves!