Berry Chill says, “We’ve eliminated the artificial chemicals and replaced them with live active cultures in the form of a chilled-yogurt treat.

The all-natural yogurt bar is the first of its kind in the Chicagoland area, offering a daily menu of our Original chilled yogurt (a tangy, frozen treat) and rotating flavors that include Chocolate Amaretto, Pina Colada and Pink Guava. For all you lactose intolerant people out there…Berry Chill is lactose-free!”

berry chill original

Michelle says, If you like a tart frozen yogurt that’s a little icy and a little less creamy than the traditional soft serve, then Berry Chill is your answer.The base lends itself to more fruity flavors and toppings. For a creamier soft-serve with the same nutritional stats, I LOVE Red Mango. LOVE.

However, BC can definitely get “costly” if you want toppings or flavored yogurts, which I would personally advise you to STAY AWAY from the chocolate or more “indulgent” flavors unless you like them sour (and frankly, kinda strange).

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Berry Chill

Stats (small cup, 5 oz): 100 calories, 0g fat, 20g carbs, 5g protein

Price: $2.99 without toppings, $3.99 for up to 3 toppings, $0.79 for any additional

Who ever gets an original without toppings?

Flavor: Tart and with just enough sweetness to make it light and fruity, no particular “flavor” profile stands out so if you can just imagine a sweeter original flavored yogurt. Without toppings, this flavor can get boring pretty fast – Out of the 15 or something times I’ve been there, I’ve never seen someone walk out with a plain original.

Texture: More like a solidified smoothie, this isn’t your traditional creamy soft-serve frozen yogurt. It’s icier texture is still smooth in consistency, but lends itself to a more fruity type of topping.

Verdict: When you want a twisty version of your fruit popsicle in a plainer flavor, go for the original. I pick this flavor a lot to save on costs. heh…that’s sad.


Peach Mango

Stats (small cup, 5 oz): 100 calories, 0g fat, 20g carbs, 5g protein

Price: $3.99 without toppings, $5.49 for up to 3 toppings

Flavor: Not especially peachy nor particularly mango-y, the peach mango is somewhere in between the two. If you focus hard enough you can probably pick it out, but to me it just tastes like a tropical fruit flavor that’s light and refreshing.

Texture: See original

Verdict: When i get extremely bored of the original or want something slightly more exciting, this is my default. I honestly believe Berry Chill’s fruit-flavored bases are more natural tasting than their chocolate ones.

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