Lightlife says, “Veggie Goodness for you and the planet!”



Michelle say: You may know their veggie products through the more famous Smart Deli, Smart Dogs, Smart Chili, and Tempeh at the store, which I’ve never had the honor of trying. Lightlife has kindly sent their newer products for me to sample, which I cannot say so far that I’m a huge fan of. Though I love my non-meat proteins, the chicken strips definitely freaked me out with the oiliness. Flavor-wise, they have it spot on thought, so I’m definitely curious to try the deli meat and tempeh!

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Lightlife Smart Tenders Savory Chick’n

“The Smart Solution for a veggie meal. Tender and juicy veggie chick’n tenders. Use in place of chicken in your favorite meals. They’re fully cooked for your convenience and can be enjoyed warm or cold. Brown them up for a delicious fajita or center of plate delicacy, or enjoy them chilled on a bed of greens with Caesar dressing! These tenders have 13 grams of VEGGIE PROTEIN per serving, less than 1 GRAM OF SATURATED FAT, and ZERO CHOLESTEROL.”


First Impression: As much as I love trying new foods, the pre-cooked soy fake chicken strips initially freaked me out a little with the greasy crumbly coating surrounding them. After microwaving, I blotted up the chunks with a paper towel, which seriously SOAKED all the way through.

Taste: These tenders are very well seasoned and don’t lack in any other spices or flavoring. There aren’t any specific spices that jump out at you apart from the generic salt, pepper, and garlic flavoring.

Texture: Chewier than real chicken, these tenders remind me more of a patty, which is what it is. Unlike read chicken, there’s not much of what I’d call layers of fiber or texture.

Overall: 7/10. I’m not the biggest fan of the intial greasiness and could probably never forget those globs of fat-like coatings. For a meat-replacement, it’s very flavorful and STUFFED with protein and is very well salted/seasoned! However, I have a feeling I’d enjoy veggie hot dogs, or deli veggie luncheon meat much more than these strips.