Me & Goji says,“We collect the healthiest foods from around the world and you fuse them in combinations that satisfy your unique tastes and nutritional needs right down to the last chia seed…

Our cereal bases (step 1) are lower in calories than regular cereals. nevertheless, calories are a life necessity; your body’s [bio]fuel. consuming nutrient dense foods means getting the most out of the calories. [me] & goji lets you monitor the calories (and other important nutritional info) in your cereal as you add each individual ingredient.”

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My Mix: Raw 5-grain Muesli ($4.90), Multi-grain flakes ($1), Multi-grain O’s ($1), Cherry ($1.90), Blueberry ($2), Mulberry ($2), Mango ($1.90), Raspberry ($2), Chia ($2), Almond ($1.1), Wheat germ ($0.5), Goldenberry ($2), Goji ($2), Cinnamon ($0.5)

Total Cost: $25.55 (Expensive? Yes, but I also went WAY overboard with the “extras”)

Shipping Cost to Chicago: $6.80

me and goji

First Impression: I was so pleasantly surprised when I uncapped this tube of “cereal” because I NEVER expected to get so many mix-ins!!!! Compared to My Way Cereal, and even Mix My Granola, these guys were SO generous with the nuts and berries I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. In fact, I almost forgot what my base cereal mix was because it doesn’t serve as a base anymore!

Taste: The cereal itself is only very very slightly sweetened, and the rest of the flavor is dominated by the mixture of berries. Since I went overboard with the number of berries in the mix (which I regret a little), there was a tart and sweet berry explosion in my mouth with every bite. Thought it’s hard to pinpoint a certain flavor to a berry, it tastes natural and not as sweet as I expected.

Texture: The cereals themselves (all the grains) are extra firm and crunchy. They hold up extremely well to milk and don’t get soggy at all. The berries themselves are all equally chewy and most have retained their tiny seeds so you also get a little crunch with every bite. My favorite is the super thinly sliced almonds that are crisp, fresh, and super abundant! All together, this cereal was a lot of fun textures that gave my jaw and taste buds a big workout.

Verdict: 8/10.

Overall: Me & Goji did the best job of giving the best bang for your buck with the plentiful mix-ins and generous additions, but it is also THE most expensive! Shipping prices can buy you a whole 2 boxes or 1 giant gourmet cereal mix.

You also DON’T do what I did and order 18 thousand mix-ins. In reality, with the amount of mix-ins they give you, just 3 or 4 is PLENTY to make a creative, colorful cereal.