I Can Cook Seafood!!!!

*warning* This post is in reverse meal order so I don’t end the post making you feel like hurling due to my insane amounts of self-flattery.

Lobster, jumbo shrimp, cod, bring it on!! The one thing I thought I would definitely mess up, I think I did uh…MORE THAN OK! To save $$$ (I spent A ton anyways), I decided instead of taking the bf out for our 2 year, I’d make him a seafood feast at home. It took 3 hours to prepare, but it was worth seeing the look on his face tearing into his lobster and inhaling the ginger prawns. MUAAHAHAHHAHA

My Menu

Tropical Ginger-sesame grilled jumbo shrimp

grilled prawns

Sauteed Garlic Wild Mushroom Lettuce Wrapsmushroom stir-fry

Korean-style Seared BBQ Cod

& Chipotle Mustard Baked Broccoli

cod and broccoli

Broiled garlic butter lobster

& Wild Rice in a Seafood Broth Reduction

lobster and rice

I swear I cooked the lobster from scratch!! This was mine, the bf got his own!

fresh lobsterOnly $8 a piece from Hmart!!! (I LOVE Hmart!!)

For dessert we shared 2 from a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies & Mint Chip ice-cream!

cookies and mint ice-creamTA-DA!!


Lots of Lunch does NOT equal Less Snacking

DANG IT! I’m testing out a “bigger meals” approach in order to cut down on snacking…but so far I think I’ve just stretched out my stomach.
Meatballs, sandwich, and chili

A Sabra Pine nut hummus & cucumber sandwich (yuuum)

Leftover Zucchini Chili from last week

2x Chicken meatballs from the bf

Lots of baby carrots with more Sabra

and an Orange

Kay's naturals & sonny's just hummus

I TOTALLY didn’t need this, but somehow wanted something to munch on right after lunch. Do you ever do this?

A pack of Kay’s Naturals Jalapeno Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks with 2 Tbs Sonny & Joe’s Just Hummus

(Reviews of each to come) Let’s just say Sonny & Joe’s makes a yummy, creamy hummus that tastes A LOT like Sabra and is just as smooth & rich. Kay’s pretzel sticks…unfortunately weren’t my favorite because of its overly stiff texture and strange aftertaste…probably due to the higher protein count.

tierra farm california mix

Don’t worry, I stopped snacking after cleaning out all the figs and dates from my Tierra Farm California Mix. *sigh* Go me.


Backtrack to Breakfast, and you have…YUMMYYYYY

Irish Oat Bran ‘n PB2

I experimented with instant irish oat bran for the first time EVER this morning, and I really enjoyed it!!!

PB2 oatbran

My combo is super simple:

  • 1/2 cup instant irish oatbran (McCann’s)
  • 1/2 pack 360 brand vanilla protein powder
  • 1 cup hot water

I microwaved everything for 1 minute total at 30 second intervals so I could stir out the lumps.

  • Topping is 2 tbs PB2 diluted with water to my favorite runny-but-still-sticky consistency

PB2 oatbran again

Taste: It has a earthy natural taste and is light in flavor, but not as fragrant as oatmeal. The PB2 gave this the punch of sweetness and indulgent flavoring to remove any blandness. I didn’t taste the vanilla protein powder, but maybe I was just too distracted by the delicious PB2.

Texture: Oat bran definitely reminds me of grits, so it is gritty (hehe) and mealy, but also very creamy. There were a few lumps I couldn’t get out, but it wasn’t too gross to swallow. The bran came out much thicker and goopier than oats, which later coagulated/got lumpy when it cooled!

Verdict: This is a very satisfying, tummy-happy breakfast. The creaminess of the mixture just makes you feel good! I’ll definitely try this again but with MORE PB2!!! I also won’t let it sit for too long and cool because I’m not a fan of goopy-ness.


On a side note, I’m thinking about embarking on a New “Challenge” inspired by of course, Jillian Michael’s. I don’t see this working though and would love to hear your thoughts!

  1. Eat every 4 hours
  2. No grazing!!

Why? It means 3 meals & 1 snack for me. This will ensure you’ll be feeling energized throughout the day, but won’t allow insulin to surge through your body 24-7. The bigger meals will be satisfying hopefully, and I’d like to see how this makes my body feel and to keep me in the habit of not “snacking” like 8 times a day.

How? Breakfast, lunch, dinner is a must. The snack will probably be in the afternoon around 4:30, because that’s when I get an energy slump and I also have a late dinner!

My goals may seem easy and intuitive, but as a HUGE “graze snacker”, making sure I fill up during the meals and NOT popping nuts or dried fruits during a lull will be really hard. Like, REALLY hard.

What were your toughest challenges? What did you learn from ’em?