Source: Shrinking Yourself – Break free from emotional eating forever, by Dr. Roger Gould

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Answer the following 7 questions to find out if you are eating out of emotional hunger or physical hunger.

The last time you ate too much:

  1. Did you notice your hunger coming on fast, or did it grow gradually?
  • Emotional hunger – comes on suddenly and dramatically
  • Physical hunger develops slowly. Begins with a tummy rumble, then it becomes a stronger rumble, then finally hunger pangs, but it is a slow process
  1. When you got hungry, did you feel and almost desperate need to eat something right away?
  • Emotional hunger: demands foods immediately, and it wants immediate satisfaction.
  • Physical hunger: will wait for food.
  1. When you ate, did you pay attention to what went in your mouth, or did you stuff it in?
  • A different between physical and emotional hunger involves mindfulness.
  • To satisfy emotional hunger: rarely notices what is being eaten and you’ll want to eat more even if you’re stuffed
  • To satisfy physical hunger: you normally make a deliberate choice about what you consume, and you maintain awareness of what you eat. You notice how much you put in your mouth so you can stop when you’re full.
  1. When you got hungry, would any nutritious food have sufficed, or did you need a certain type of food or treat to satisfy yourself?
  • Emotional hunger: often demands particular foods in order to be fulfilled. Only your particular preferred indulgence seems appealing
  • Physical hunger: even carrots look delicious
  1. Did you feel guilty after you ate?
  • Emotional hunger: results in guilt or promises to do better next time
  • Physical hunger: has no guilt attached to it, because you know you ate in order to maintain health and energy
  1. Did you eat when you were emotionally upset or experiencing feelings of “emptiness”?
  • Emotional hunger: results from some emotional trigger.
  • Physical hunger: results from a physiological need.
  1. Did you stuff in the food very quickly?
  • When you are feeding physical hunger;: you can eat your food and savor each bite, but
  • Eating to fulfil emotional hunger results in stuffing the food in. All of a sudden you look down and the whole pint of ice cream is gone!