Thank you guys for sharing your ideas on emotional eating! So many of you bring up such great points and are so in-tune with your own bodies, but I wanted to point out one important thing that a very savvy lady,Β  Em said: “I think emotional eating can also go the other way: refusing to eat because you’re upset.” Agreed.

The bottom line is, food should not be used as a tool or mechanism to cope with hardships in your life. Being TOO obsessed with food (i.e. it is your #1 obsession) is unhealthy if you use it for reasons other than to energize and “healthify” your body. I am still trying to learn to learn this by focusing more on other passions in my life! πŸ™‚


It’s Powdered Peanut Butter Time!

PB2 vs. FitNutz


Recently, I was sent some FitNutz mini samples packs to test drive their powdered peanut butter. Since I am already a huge fan of PB2 (What am I to do when my stash runs out?!?!? It is dwindling I tell you, DWINDLING!!!) I wanted to do a comparison to see which brand will continue to float my boat in the future.

pb2 chocolate

The Low-Down

Per 2 Tablespoon Serving

PB2 Original

FitNutz Regular




Fat/Saturated Fat



















Roasted peanuts, salt, and sugar (No preservatives or artificial sweeteners)

Peanuts powder, sugar, salt(No preservatives or artificial sweeteners)

Other Flavors/Varieties Sold

Chocolate PB2

FitNutz Chunky, FitNutz Pro (contains more fatty acids)

Price Online (not including shipping)

$3.99 per 6.2 oz jar (If you buy a 4 pack or 8 pack. Not sold in single jars)

$4.99 per 5oz bag (with Chunky and Pro at $5.49)

The Ultimatum: The two companies have a product that is very very similar in flavor and texture, with FitNutz being a tad more on the sweeter side. (JUST a tad) The nutritionals don’t vary much, so in the end it boils down to what flavors you like! If you love some crunch in your PB, FitNutz crunchy has something for you! If you like some cocoa flavor in your PB, go for PB2. I don’t know why anyone would ever order FitNutz Pro (simply more fatty acids), but hey, whatever floats your boat right? I’m not here to judge.

pb2 cookie sandwich

Where I would order from? Good question! I would go for the cheaper option! It’s fabulous that at FitNutz you don’t have to order 4 jars in one go, but if you become a powdered PB addict, you will need it in bulk… and in which case, PB2 is cheaper (though I’m not a fan of PB2 Chocolate)!

PB2 greek scottish oats


As I continue with my reading of “Shrinking yourself”, I’d love to post up little tips and facts I found interesting so those who didn’t buy the book can get a glimpse of what else is in it! (I Borrowed mine from the library) πŸ˜›

*Tip*: “You know that the secret to overeating (or under-eating!) is not your lack of willpower, but your experience of powerlessness. Remember that in the gap between powerlessness and the uncontrollable urge to eat, you are making a decision that can be changed!!!! You need to rid yourself of denial to do the learning work that will free you from your food addiction.”

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