Reading “Shrinking Yourself” has truly had a profound effect on how I think about LIFE. Yup, this book I originally thought was about teaching me how to control my emotions has made me more conscious of how I view the world. DO you have different thoughts than these ones I have?

  1. First of all, “eating” should not be the #1 thing you should be passionate about. Why? You are eating simply to  be healthy and to fuel your body so you can focus your energy on OTHER things in life that can truly fulfill you – like building relationships, achieving personal goals, and discovering or growing talents!
  2. Our society has unfairly judged and discriminated against overweight people, saying that they (me, once upon a time) “lack willpower” to lose the weight! In fact, an obese person can have just as much willpower if not MORE than a “thinner” person. It is just that emotional eaters have developed eating as a mechanism to cope with emotional stressors!
  3. Pin-pointing which exact emotions trigger you to over-eat is actually simple (and controllable) ONLY if you’re willing to address your own fears and self-doubts. For me, it all starts with the feeling of emptiness. (More on coping mechanisms soon!)
  4. Jealousy is good! It is a method to reveal to you what YOU want in life so you can take an active role in achieving those goals.

Wanna offer your two cents? Please do! Now I’ll share my favorite day of eats. 🙂


Oven-Baked Veggie Omelette

I’ve been wanting to re-make a healthier version of the omelette breakfast I had in Galena bed & breakfast, so I created this! An omelette in a loaf pan.

Veggie egg omelet

Ingredients are SIMPLE! For the egg base, whisk together:

  • 4 egg whites & 2 eggs. whisked
  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice (I only had vanilla soy milk and it turned out DELISH!!)
  • 1/4 cup non-fat sour cream
  • Onion powder, garlic salt, other seasonings of your choice

Then, incorporate the fillings of your choice. In mine, I used:

  • 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms
  • 1 cup chopped spinach
  • 1/4 chopped white onion

All you gotta do is bake in a 375 degree oven for ~40 minutes and VOILA!!!

Oven baked veggie omelet inside

I served mine with a toasted English Muffin, a few slices deli turkey (which is NOT NECESSARY), and hot salsa! PERFECT breakfast!english muffin, turkey, veggie omelet

I swear it was SO GOOD I went back for thirds until I realized I actually COULD finish the whole “loaf” of omelette after all! 😛


Frozen Meals can Taste Good Too!

With my free kashi entree coupon (that I gave ya’ll a heads up on a few months ago, remember?) I got this awesome lunch at Whole Foods for a super-easy non-prep meal. 🙂

Kashi and oikos lunch

Ready for a Kashi Frozen Meal Review?

The Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake

Kashi described it as, “Yellow squash, roasted eggplant, red onion, and sweet potato. Zesty basil tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes served inside Kashi seven whole grain noodles.”

Stats: 260 Calories, 9g fat, 42g carbs, 8g fiber, 8g sugar, 7g protein

kashi tuscan veggie bake

What I Saw: After microwaving for ~7 minutes total, I transferred what looked like a very shallow, floppy cheese-less lasagna onto a plate. Initially I doubted this would be able to fill me up…but that’s why you have sides and greek yogurt for dessert!Kashi tuscan veggie bake

Taste: To be clear, I hate cheese, so a cheese-less lasagna is RIGHT up my alley, especially if you stuff the lasagna with a variety of thinly sliced grilled vegetables. You can see all the grill marks and taste the smoky flavors from the vegetables. I would never have guessed this was a frozen meal judging by how it tasted!

Texture: The vegetables inside were soft and juicy, but not soggy like microwave veggies can be. The pasta layers itself were very chewy as if they were fresh! I was surprised at how moist and steamy the lasagna was thanks to the smoky sauce, which wasn’t too thick nor too runny.

Overall: 9/10. HANDS DOWN the best frozen meal I have ever had. It was filling, tasted delicious, was healthy, and low in calories!! Definitely made me a happy camper! My only complaint is that the slice is so shallow and the presentation isn’t so appealing, but hey, the flavor makes up for it all!


Dessert Before Dinner?

Look ma! NO SNACKING!!! Before dinner that is. So I rewarded myself with dessert before dinner!

parfait and applesA chopped up apple and birds eye view of my Better Whey of Life parfait.

Better Whey vanilla parfaitThe Better Whey French Vanilla yogurt is MUCH better than the plain because it’s less tart and doesn’t have the uber-“interesting” whey aftertaste. I still like the peach mango flavor most though, and for 145 calories and 15g protein, I think it’s worth it if you’re craving yogurt with a more liquid texture than Greek.

better whey french vanillaAnd I had dinner right after my dessert…and as a result had a lot less than I thought I would…meaning, I devoured all of the Chinese Ketchup-shrimp and Stir-fry tomato with broccoli, two halves of corn, and a terriyaki chicken drumstick.

Dinner dishesThe nasty soup/spinach combo on the lower right is a bowl of Campbell’s canned French onion soup with spinach dumped into it…but it was a nasty bowl of stuff. Take my word for it.

Now…after dinner though i was full, I really wanted to try a new food discovery I found at Hmart last weekend!

Pumpkin Pretz!!

The under-appreciated cousin of the famous POCKY sticks (those skinny sticks dipped in chocolate?)

pumpkin pretz

“Pretz (プリッツ, purittsu) is a Japanese snack made by Ezaki Glico. It is stick-shaped and similar in texture to a pretzel (hence the name), but unlike the other popular Japanese stick-shaped snack food, Pocky, Pretz is rarely sweet. Popular flavors include: salad, “roast” (which despite its name, is a flavor composed of butter, honey and coffee), tomato, honey mustard (“American”), corn, pizza, butter, melon, spicy chicken (“Beer”), and cacao. Special flavors can be found in other countries such as abalone in Hong Kong, and green tea, green pea, plum salt in Japan.” -from Wikipedia


Taste: Lightly sweet and very subtle flavor of kabocha, this was no pumpkin-pie cracker stick. I secretly wished for a stronger pumpkin flavor, but realized that even a can of canned pumpkin isn’t all that “pumpkin”-ish. Stick to the fresh stuff to get max. flavor guys.

Texture: A really crunchy, thin, and smooth pretzel stick that has the perfect snap to it when you bite down. It’s highly addictive…

Overall: 7.5/10. I like the good old “roast” pretz sticks more just because I didn’t taste the pumpkin aroma’s and can’t justify paying triple the price just for the fake sense of eating something more healthy just cause it’s supposed to be made from pumpkin…oh and it does have cuter packaging.

What is your favorite or Signature snack? 🙂