Cupoladua Oven says,Cupoladua oven specializes in healthy, all natural, good for you baked goods. They’re gluten free, too. All made in small batches, in the rolling green hills of Pennsylvania.”

Cupola makes 2 types of products, cookies and clouds. The way I look at them, the cookies are sweet flavors while the clouds are savory.

The cookies are “crispy, light, airy and subtly sweet. The perfect complement to coffee, tea, or wine.” Might I mention, they’re only 11 calories a pop with no refined sugars, no artificial preservatives, and no oils or trans fats!! Cupola cookies can be crushed and sprinkled on ice-cream or pudding, mixed in yogurt with fruit, dipped in chocolate or fondue, enjoyed with a glass of cold milk, and more!

They come in 3 flavors:

  • Chocolate cashew
  • Espresso walnut
  • Chai pistachio

The clouds are “crunchy morsels made with only the best cheeses. Enjoy with wine, great with soups, salads and sandwiches.” Clouds are smaller than cookies, but these bite-sized yummies are only 4 calories a piece!! Cupola suggests using clouds as croutons on salad or soup, crumbled over a casserole, or even sprinkled over pasta!

These come in 2 flavors:

  • Smoked gouda
  • Parmesan pink peppercorn

To get more info, check out the website! For now, these guys are only offered in a couple states.

Michelle says, There’s nothing quite like these products out there, and I really have to say that they are the perfect replacement – to me – for tea cookies, biscotti, and they taste SO good crushed into yogurt and mixed with blander-tasting cereals. They can be a little dry without some form of liquid though!


Chai Pistachio Cookies

chai pistachia cookies

Taste: I was overwhelmed with the lovely chai aromas and flavors of the cookie and then the unexpected nutty after-taste that comes from the pistachio pieces. It’s slightly sweet from the organic evaporated cane juice, really just the perfect blend of flavors.

Texture: Just like Cupola described, it was extremely light, airy, and crunchy. It reminds me of meringues, but more airy, more crumbly, and more dry. Make sure you pair it was a drink or some form of liquid.

Overall: With the perfect combo – crumbled into yogurt or with my milk and cereal – this is a 9/10. By itself, it’s a tad too dry and you can’t really bring yourself to eat more than 3 or 4 before reaching for some water to wash it down…but then again, it states CLEARLY to that the goodies are “meant to be paired with a beverage”. Woops! My bad!

Cupola suggests pairing the Chai pistachio cookies with: Chai tea, green tea, milk, syrah, apple cider, yerba mate.


Parmesan Pink Peppercorn Clouds

cupucola parmesan peppercorn cookies

Taste: I have to say, I didn’t like the first bite of my cloud because of just how cheesy it tasted. However, with every new bite, you begin to get the subtle peppercorn flavor that builds in your mouth, which is a really great complement that brings another dimension to the parmesan flavor.

Texture: This bite-sized cloud is crispy, airy, and light just like it’s cookie cousin.

Overall: 7/10. I haven’t paired this “appropriately” with other dishes, but on its own, the cloud’s strange and slightly strange cheesy after-taste wasn’t my favorite. I’m a cookie kinda girl I guess!