Attention all Peanut butter and smoothie lovers, tell me what you think about this!

According to researchers at Purdue, “Subjects who ate equal calories of peanuts and peanut butter felt fuller after eating the nuts!” Thus, they concluded that selecting chewier, crunchier foods are more filling because they spend more time in your mouth and digestive tract.

Now…although I ain’t no expert or a smoothie drinker, I find this study has quite a couple loopholes…for example, why the heck can’t people stop snacking on chips then?!?! And how come greek yogurt is so filling??? (and they call these guys “scientists”… )


PB&J banana-strawberry blueberry mini-waffles!

I love having a different breakfast for a change, and this was AWESOME!! (Oats can be a little “sweaty” in the summer huh?) My amazing breakfast consisted of a plain oikos, Smuckers sugar free strawberry jam, smooth Peter Pan PB, a mushy banana, some fresh strawberries, and 8 little Van’s mini-blueberry waffles!!!

greek yogurt, pbs, mini blueberry waffles for breakfast

THE most awesome thing was that I picked up the Van’s blueberry mini-waffles at Whole Foods when it was ON SALE!!! 2 boxes for $5 only!! (with a WF coupon). And the Oikos only cost me $0.27 cents!!! ($1.25 WF sale with a $1 Off WF coupon. Illinoisers, GO GETCHURSELF some coupons!!!)pbj blueberry waffles

Let me explain how I made this DESSERT for breakfast: simply layer waffle with peanut butter, then mushy banana slice, then strawberry jam…and finally top it off with sliced strawberries!!! Heaven in every bite I tell you!pbj blueberry waffles topped with strawberry

VOILA, a breakfast for CHAMPIONESSES!!!  Yum…I’m salivating just thinking about how yummy my breakfast was. *blush*


Chipotle Can Do No Wrong

After seeing one of my favorite bloggies Lara enjoy her veggie chipotle salad during her vacay in SF, I was craving some of Chip’s fresh ingredients and the best guacamole on salad you can get for $6.50.

chipotle veggie salad

I do get BOTH beans though (so technically it ain’t vegetarian anymore), and I get ALL the toppings… EXTRA tomatoes, extra lettuce, extra corn, and extra hot sauce please!! 🙂

sonny and joe's sesame hummus

Since it takes a little more than a salad to fill me up, I busted out a Trader Joe’s WW pita (which I had frozen since…god knows how long ago) with Sonny & Joe’s sesame hummus. Their sesame hummus tasted so much like the original, but it was thicker and richer! For 2 tbs, there are 90 calories, the highest I have seen in any brand of hummus, but I suppose it tasted good.I would just stick to the original though.

strawberry oikos with raisin crunch

And for dessert, I had a strawberry Oikos with a sprinkling of Sonoma Crisps Raisin crunch. Sonoma Crisps really really rocks. I have loved every single one of their dried fruit products so far and I can’t imagine a better sweet treat than their uber-crunchy dried raisins or apple sticks. Too bad you can only by them on Amazon so far…:(strawberry oikos

Second of all, I AM AN OIKOS CONVERT! Yes, I know I used to be a Chobani fan, but ever since I loaded up on Oikos thanks to the WF coupons, I am won over by the fact that Oikos is organic (no hormones from the milk!), the wonderful balance between sweet & tart,  AND their colorful packaging.


Baba Palace…Indian Take Out…Sketchy…

The boyfriend and I ordered delivery for a cheap and easy $20 dinner for two people. Although we read some pretty sketchy reviews (i.e. people feeling sick after eating from Baba), we still went ahead to order our yummy authentic Indian food.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend did not experience good customer service when he called, and got a cranky man who snapped at him and hurried him to order. Baba rotates their menu so every day there’s a selection of entrees to choose from.baba palace chicken entrees
Boti Chicken (on the Right)
Thoughts: My order of Boti Chicken reminded me of a much drier and spicier tandoori chicken. It was baked till pretty dry so the meat was on the tough side and I used up two servings each of the yogurt sauce and hot sauce that came with our entrees. I did like the char on the sides of the pieces though. This isn’t a very memorable dish…I could probably roast my own version of this with my tandoori spices. Flavor-wise, it was good…that’s all.

Frontier Chicken (on the left)
Thoughts: Think pulled chicken Indian-style…meaning its like shredded chicken in a sauce made up of oil and curry flavors. It went very well with the naan, and while it was very flavorful on its own, beware if you’re an oil-phobe.baba palace sauces and naan
Our entrees came with fresh naan bread, one per person. They were much more doughy and thicker than the ones I’m used to at Indian restaurants, which I actually don’t like. Naan has GOT to have some crunch and char man! Yes, I used up all four of the sauces cuz my chicken was super dry.

Taste: 3.5/5
Originality: 3/5 (No surprises at all with the menu, but I like their menu rotation)
Plating: N/a
Value: 4/5
($21 including tax, tip, 2 entrees, and delivery…A-ok!)
Service: 2/5 (Whoever answered the call was impolite and snappy…needs major help in this department)

Baba Palace on Urbanspoon


To End, I wanna introduce another NEW TREAT FIND!!!

When was the last time you bought yourself a treat you’ve never had before?!?

Ginger Coconut Milk Candy

For $1.50 I got a big pack of ginger coconut milk flavored suckers from Chinatown, (LOVE) and I’m SO GLAD I took a gamble and bought something I’ve never tried before. These really are fantastic and they taste gingery but without the spiciness.

ginger coconut candy

Michelle highly recommends these candies made of fresh coconut juice, ginger juice…and yes, sugar for only 13 calories a pop. I can fool myself into thinking these are actually GOOD for my health. 😉

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