“Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight”

*disclaimer* Dr. Bacon says this is NOT a weight-loss book.

Are you as TIRED of all the same articles on dieting and healthy eating as I am?

The last thing I wanted was another generic book preaching, “eat less, move more; eat greens, less meat” and then there’s the “eat intuitively, and here are the foods that speed up your metabolism!!” So I picked up this book from the library, not realizing just how controversial-yet-persuasive it was going to be.

health at every size

This is the first book that has made me feel betrayed and skeptical of our government, the media, and the food and diet industry. Dr. Linda Bacon has written a research-based encyclopedia of a book that covers everything from:

  • Revealing the horrifying extent of which the media/food industry/government/scientists “collude” to promote the social norm that “only thin is healthy. Only thin is acceptable.”
  • A step-based approach to intuitive eating – learning why you crave certain foods and how to recognize biological hunger/fullness cues
  • Explaining why weight loss success doesn’t last forever
  • How to change your likes and dislikes for certain foods!
  • Overcoming emotional eating –its underlying psychological reason
  • Learning how to trust your body. How to honor your hunger cues, your appetite, and your internal system to help you maintain a weight that is actually healthy for YOU.

Here are some fascinating points Dr. Bacon brings up. You be the judge of whether this book may be something you want to read!:)

  • “No one has ever shown that losing weight prolongs life. Many studies actually suggest that intentional weight loss increases the risk of dying early from certain diseases.”
  • “Thin people may think they stay thin because they are morally superior. The data suggests it is more likely that they’re genetically lucky.”
  • “Size is a sloppy and unscientific way to judge someone’s health or character…”Normal weight” is neither normal (most people exceed it) nor ideal in terms of health. All that can be determined by judging people based on their weight is one’s own level of prejudice.”
  • “Diets” don’t work. (Duh? Not so simple!)
  • Your body has a weight range that it operates optimally at. This is called a “set point” and is biologically determined. However, you can CHANGE this based on food and lifestyle choices.
  • You should want to live healthy NOT to lose weight, but to become physically and mentally stronger and happier so you can live life fully!
  • Your taste buds are regenerated every 3 weeks – in other words, you can re-train yourself to like/prefer the “healthier”-but-blander foods, even if you didn’t enjoy those 3 weeks ago.

I 120% recommend this book! You will be blown away by the findings of scientific research and studies cited throughout the book – I promise it will at least make you question what you believe is true. And you will develop a different way of thinking about what “healthy” truly means. This is a controversial read for anyone up for the challenge!! No matter what size and weight-related issues you have ever battled with, it teaches you how to stop hurting your body, tampering with your natural weight, and start living “healthy” for real.

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By the way…

A reader has pointed out that my last post “Fact: Overweight People live longer” has “a title [that] may be giving some people permission to continue to ignore there weight, and over eat. One study does not equal fact. As a person who has studied science, I’m assuming you are aware of this.”

First of all, thanks for pointing that out! I simply wrote this title to stimulate discussion, so if anyone else had the same feelings/was offended, I apologize. The intention was to get people to share their thoughts on the topic, since that was the thesis of the NY Times article that post was about!

I love hearing about what YOU think because I am DEFINITELY NOT an expert and am constantly trying to see things from different angles. I learn SO much from your comments, so please share!! so…Read any great books or articles lately?? 🙂