Congratulations Christina!!!!

Check out what to have for tonight at Dinner at Christina’s!

and Christina, check your e-mail hun!!! Yay!!

You are the proud winner of it all!!!!!Lucky Giveaway prize

Christina Said:Um… can I just say “WOW!!!!” ???? This is like the mother of all giveaways!

Entry 1 = I read your blog b/c I think you’re a really genuine, sweet person and I enjoy what you write. I know that your reviews are honest and I think it’s cool that we live so near b/c a) that means I can actually meet you one day and b) the reviews you write pertain to me and my vicinity so I find them extra helpful.

Entries 2-4 = I’ll edit and add you to last night’s post, link back to you in future posts this week, and you’re already on my blogroll!!”

Happy July 4th from San Francisco!!!!