Yay I’m back from San Francisco, and BOY I never thought I’d say this, but I am SO glad to be back for warmth and Chicago sunshine! Yes, San Fran is incredible, beautiful, seafood-iful, but I don’t have to wear a coat during the summer in Chi-town. hehehe

Regardless, SF rocks. My brother wants to go to law school there. They have fresh fresh food (my family is huge on fruits – we went through 4 honey dews, 25 nectarines, 5lbs of cherries, 10 peaches, 5 bananas, the list goes on – as SNACKS in 6 days.) AHHHHH I’m so jealous of Californians. πŸ˜›

Anyway, so little time, so many thingsΒ  to share..so I guess I will leave you with 10 memories of SF!

#10) Fresh Seafood from the Wharf

A $12 seafood salad from Fisherman’s Wharf looks like this. A ton of fresh shrimp and crab buried below.

Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Salad

It is best enjoyed with some fresh sushi from Japantown! Here you have California rolls and eel rolls.

SF sushi

#9) Authentic Chinese, Courtesy of Chinatown

For the first time in my life, I got to take the family out for dinner using my own hard earned money. And it felt.SO.Awesome!!Imperial Palace San Fran

These are fresh, fat clams stir-fried in black bean sauce – a Chinese favorite!

tofu san fran imperial palaceAnd home-style tofu with minced pork…everything literally melts in your mouth.

#8) Daddy’s “homemade” breakfasts – thanks to Pillsbury Dough boy

My daddy is adorable and he would make us breakfast every morning. It doesn’t matter that the crescent rolls came from the dough boy! They were delicious!!

Daddy's breakfast pillsbury

#7) TASTY new cereal!!

By now, ya’ll know how much I love new products, so when I saw that these were MINI mini-wheats (literally the size of you finger nail), I HAD to pick them up.

Honey nut mini wheats

The honey nut flavor is AWESOME. I’m not even kidding. I bought another box that I carried back to Chicago on the plane. These are yummy eaten soaked in milk AND as a dry snack. It’s also filling and full of fibers. Check it out if you like cereals that are a cross between “fiber-ful” and on the sweet side. Yum.

#6) Yosemite National Park!!!!!!

Not enough exclamation marks for this awesome park. My brother drove 3 hours to Yosemite and back to SF, but what an amazing sight. Don’t miss the water falls!!! Yosemite

The brother and I will return!! Camping trip it shall be!

#5) Green Tea Candy and snacks galore!

I’m being modest and showing only a couple snacks lying around. My family is huge on snacks! The Japanese mixed nuts and rice crackers are my childhood favorite. Plus, SF has my favorite brand of green tea candy!! Yummahhh.

San Fran Snacks

#4) Cioppino

The famous San Fran seafood soup came from Italy originally. When I got a little sick on the 3rd day, I begged for some of this, and it made me better!! Seafood

#3) Sourdough bread

We visited Boudin bakery at Fisherman’s Wharf to see how they make sourdough bread! Apparently, they don’t put ANYTHING sour in the dough – it’s simply water, flour, salt, and yeast! The air in SF has bacteria that makes the dough so sour.

Boudin sour dough crab

A sourdough crab for you. πŸ™‚ I’m not a fan of sour dough, but watching them bake the bread was a lot of fun!

#2)Lobster stuffed in a bun. Enough said.

Lobster Roll

And last but not least…

#1) Quality time with the family πŸ™‚

Now it’s back to the grind. Booooo.

What is YOUR favorite vacation spot? and…why?!?

Restaurant reviews to come!! Cuz, dont’ you wanna know where that lobster roll came from? heheeh