Seafood $$

My family is HUGE on seafood and we knew no trip to San Fran is complete without our sea creatures. However, we’re also not one to pay $30 for some mussels so I did a little research and stumbled upon the Woodhouse Fish Company on Fillmore Street. (Plus, I read GREAT reviews on the SF classic Cioppino served at Woodhouse)

At 6pm on a Sunday night, Woodhouse had a 25 minutes wait for a party of 4. Overall everything was fresh and full of flavor, but our family-style sharing of all these dishes still didn’t satisfy all our tummies. We ended up making a pit stop at Safeway for chips, salsa, and fruit. πŸ˜›

Lobster Roll

Pricey, but WOW so fresh. The lobster meat was juicy and there was JUST enough mayo to make all the flavors blend together without being too greasy. It’s the perfect sandwich. *sigh* The fries were pretty standard, well-salted, and…kinda like your BK fries.

Lobster roll Woodhouse SFCioppino

It looked huge when it arrived on the table, but wasn’t filling at all. The garlic bread was super cheesy but went well dipped in the uber-fragrant seafood broth. The bottom was loaded with clams and mussels, and I got 2 pieces of crab legs. The soup itself was definitely on the oily side, but SOOO full of flavor.

Cioppino Woodhouse SF

Seared Seabass over Mushroom Risotto

This was on the daily special chalkboard and was a tasty but not life-changing dish. The risotto was creamy and rich while the fish was a tad more on the dry side.

Risotto Woodhouse SF

Grilled Artichoke stuffed with crab and shrimp

Thisss was a super unique and memorable dish!! The artichoke was so sweet and succulent and it went perfect with the crab and shrimp meat. AMAZING.

Artichoke Woodhouse SF

Steamed Clams

Whoever invented garlic steamed with clams was a genious…i’m not much of a clam person but this was SO GOOD. Fat clams full of juices?? yum yum…my mom ended up drinking all the broth. hehehe

Mussels Woodhouse SF


Taste: 4/5 (No complaints here!)

Originality: 3.5/5 (Some classics with a few interested dishes like the artichoke!)

Plating: 4/5

Value: 3/5 (We were still hungry after our dinner….hmm)

Service: 4.5/5 (Our server was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly…she was just SUPER busy)

Check out their review on Yelp and the restaurant website itself here!