Don Sabrosa says, “Using all natural ingredients, we produce the highest quality gourmet products that deliver great taste. Taking a unique blend of top grade fruits, herbs, and vegetables our salsas have been winning acclaim from people everywhere.”

Michelle says, this is definitely UP THERE as being the best salsa on earth – particularly if you enjoy big, bold flavors and lots of chunk in your salsa. Don’t waste this salsa on chips (though it’s awesome on chips, it’s pretty pricey), I recommend using it in place of sauce on salads, flavoring your wraps, and substituting it for ketchup! Put it on anything that needs some flavor and you will be pleasantly surprised. Because I’m a big garlic fan, the roasted garlic flavor is my favorite!Don Sabrosa Salsa

P.s. When they say “hot”, they mean it! Check out the website for more information!

Price: $17.97/3 jars ($5.99/jar) not including shipping & handling (online)


Gourmet Salsa with Blueberry, Peaches, and Honey

This unique blend of blueberries, peaches, and honey takes salsa to a new sweet and savory level that makes it truly one of a kind.

Taste: I just prayed that this wouldn’t taste like a jar of sweetened tomatoes drowned in honey, and thank god it didn’t! I definitely saw small pieces of fruit chunks and peach bits, but flavor-wise, the fruity-ness was not overwhelming. If you like a slightly sweeter and tangier salsa, this would be the flavor for you!


Roasted Garlic

A full flavored, rich compilation of the traditional salsa ingredients. A thick and chunky blend of everything you could hope for from a salsa.don sabrosa salsa

Taste: I like my garlic – a lot. And Don got this flavor right on with a lot of strong, roasted garlic flavor, but not so overwhelming you have garlic breath after eating it. (Unless you eat the whole jar…) This savory salsa had a little bit of sweetness and lots of chunky tomatoes – hard to stop eating once you start!


Black Bean & Corn

Taking a bold approach to salsa, this robust blend brings the true nature of salsa to your taste buds.

Taste: Though I see a nice even amount of black beans and corn kernels spread throughout the salsa jar, the tart and sweet tomato flavor overpowers all else. However, I appreciate the texture of the almost-crunchy corn and non-mushy black beans as they’ve definitely retained their freshness through the whole packaging and cooking process. Overall, I’d still go with the roasted garlic!