Brunch $$

Regularly, this is a fancy seafood/Hawaiian/Pan-Asian restaurant. To me, a great money saver is to go experience the “fancy” atmosphere and service for a fraction of the cost at brunch or lunch. Obviously, the downside is you don’t get to try all the cool regular menu items, but I’m perfectly okay with Sola’s brunch menu!

Click here for the brunch menu!

Big Kahuna 15
wagyu burger, potatoes, bacon, cheese, fried eggs, onions, hollandaise

sola big kahuna

The boyfriends’ big kahuna was a big hit. He was SO full afterwards he lapsed into a food coma and kept rubbing his happy belly.

Smoked salmon scramble 9
house smoked salmon, eggs, tomatoes, scallions, cream cheese

sola egg white scramble

I customized my scramble with egg-whites in an attempt to not eat like…12 egg yolks in one meal, but the greasy coating gleaming up at me from the eggs and the potato hash made me regret not getting the crab cake benedict! Plus, the tiny pieces of salmon and uber-thinly sliced asparagus in the scramble were also a huge disappointment. Gahhh if only our server didn’t forgot to mention the specials – the crab cake benedicts. After settling in to my scramble, I decided it needed more seasoning, more asparagus, and less oil. Don’t forget to ask about the specials!!

Fresh fruit 3

sola fruit bowl

Lucky this fruit bowl was filled with ripe, sweet fruits. Sad to say, but the cheapest dish seems to have been my highlight of the meal.


Taste: 3.5/5 (Scramble was blahhhh, Kahuna was…good!)

Plating: 3.5/5 (This is a toss up…I thought my dish was a little messy looking)

Originality: 4/5 (The Brunch menu wasn’t huge, but it had some creative dishes like cornbread eggs benedict)

Value: 4/5 (Any other meal apart from brunch, this is a pretty pricey place to eat. With the $10 off coupon I had, the brunch came out to be around $25 all-inclusive.

Service: 3/5 (I can’t forgive the server for forgetting mentioning the specials! Also, they delivered my dish to another diner sitting across from us. The lady was SUPER upset and send it right back. I believe they brought the same dish to my table a minute later.)

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