So, mama went back to Hong Kong last Friday…and I had to grow up. 😦

But luckily I have 2 awesome men in my life to take care of me and my belly!!! On Saturday night, Nick took me out to a fancy shmancy dinner at One-Sixty Blue, a restaurant owned by Michael Jordan himself. WHO KNEW the man knew anything other than basketball?!?! Apparently, Mr. Jordan himself has been seen bartending here. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here on Saturday night. booooo.

The first thing we asked for when we got seated was THE baller bread basket.

*CONFESSION* I am a TOTAL sucker for fancy restaurant bread baskets….they’re just….SO DAMN GOOD!

one sixty blue bread basket

Nick and I tore through this basket of hot sour dough and crackers, so we asked for a second one! Shamelessly.

To start, I ordered the Seafood Ceviche.

It’s got squid, octopus, rock shrimp, yuzu, and aji amarillo (no idea what that is, but it was yumma!)

Seafood Ceviche at One sixty Blue

The tart yuzu sauce on the bottom was a fabulous complement to the seafood, and I actually even ate all the herbs. The BEST way to eat this? On those crackers from the bread basket! (I tore through at least 10 crackers that night. No regrets)

Peeky Toe Crab salad at One-sixty blueNick ordered himself the Spicy Peeky Toe Crab that was plated on top of diced melons and a sweet melon pesto. It was fresh and flavorful, but a little too sweet for me to think of it as an appetizer!

My entree was the Seared Ahi Tuna!

Served with wheatberries, a  veggie salsa, and a wasabi vinigarette (that wasn’t spicy at all)

Tuna entree at One-sixty blueDo you have one of those dishes where you HAVE to order it as long as you see it on the menu???? Mine is seared ahi tuna. 😛 Though I thought the fish was a little over-seared and chewy on the sides, cutting them into little pieces and stacking them on top of the crackers from the bread basket made everything A-OK again!

Nick ordered himself the Alaskan halibut, that’s actually seared with a really thin slice of brioche on top. Halibut at One Sixty Blue

His fish was PERFECTLY cooked and so tender it fell apart when you prod it with a fork. He didn’t really enjoy the citrus sabayon that came with the fish though.

We also shared a side of wilted green beans. Honestly, butter & garlic can make anything taste delicious, so…I’m not going to comment on how yummy this was. heheheh. Imagine.

Green beens at one-sixty blue

We passed on dessert, but we saw the waiter give the table next to us an entire platter full of sweets and individually wrapped cookies. I ALMOST demanded where ours was, but figured since we had 2 bread baskets…and the fact that this was a pretty fancy restaurant to just suck it up. Nick and I went home and downed some mint chocolate chip ice-cream instead. Free of charge!


Taste: 4/5 (Love the fusion take on contemporary American!)

Originality: 4/5 (Some unexpected flavor combinations, especially the East meets West theme)

Plating: 4/5

Value: 2/5 (I don’t think I was full aftewards…even after all those crackers!)

Service: 3.5/5 (Not bad, but…I’ve been to less fancy restaurants with better service…)

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OH GOD. Back to cooking for myself…

Actually, my brother has actually taken on the role of Male mama…you’ll get to see what he cooks for me soon! 🙂

Hope everyone’s doing well!!! I am officially back!!!