I stumbled upon a fabulous NY Times article about how people in the food business stay fit when surrounded by tantalizing food ALL day long! Read it and you might be surprised at how many food writers have had eating or body image issues throughout their life…I certainly was!

I just don’t know why some celebrities like to pretend staying in shape is easy! (urgg! this hits a nerve….or an eyeball roll at the very least)

Bet you didn’t know Padma keeps 2 different dress sizes on the set of Top Chef for when she starts putting on weight (typically 10 – 15 pounds) throughout the season. Padma said, I just try to cut myself a break – I know I’m going to gain weight…in my job, I eat the most when I’m working the most.”

Her tips for staying fit are pretty standard, but true:

  • Moderate what you eat
  • Don’t panic when work makes you overeat or when you can’t work out (I like this one!)
  • Pay attention to what you’re eating
  • and…She’s also been known to pack a jump rope in her suit case while traveling

When the season is over, Padma’s version of detox is: NO red meat, NO alcohol, and NO cheese until she’s “back in shape”.

Her bag of tricks sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Almost too simple!  To all you foodie pro’s out there,

What would you add to Padma’s bag of tricks??

Here’s the link if you want to check it out yourself.


Lazy Lady’s Breakfast

Now that it’s the summer, oats and oatbran have gone OUT the window for a while. A typical breakfast now is a big bowl of cereal with fruit on the bottom and a giant dollop of plain FF yogurt. I like the thicker consistency it makes the milk.

Summer cereal breakfast mix

I know i have a hodge podge of cereals here, but my current FAVORITE is Kashi Go Lean with high fiber and high protein. It definitely holds me over better than the combo above – which is special K, Kix, and frosted shredded wheat. I Also have fallen in love with plain soy milk and frozen blueberries in the cereal mix.

*Dumb News Flash* frozen fruit makes the milk SUPER cold and SUPER tasty! It makes such a huge huge difference for me!!


Mama’s Leftover Lunch!

My mom actually made a HUGE batch of food before she left, so all my brother and I have to do is whip up some vegetables on a daily basis.

I come home to something like this at lunch time EVERY da.

Gourmet Chinese dinner with JeffThe top left hand corner is a plate that’s already had some goodies piled on top of rice.

You aslo have spinach stir-fried with garlic (SO much better than raw spinach, I promise!), soy sauce braised eggs, and a delicious Shitake & chicken dish that I shall feature right now!

Momma's soy sauce chicken, mushroom, and carrot3 Simple Ingredients, 1 AMAZINGLY flavorful dish

  • Diced chicken tenderloin
  • Shitake mushrooms (whole)
  • Chopped carrots (with the skin on)

Everything goes into a big pot with soy sauce and a splash of oyster sauce. Add water. Cook until ingredients soften over medium heat. Remove from Heat. ENJOY!!!!

The best part about this dish? You can make a giant pot of it and leave it in the fridge to enjoy bit by bit! 🙂


Di Pescara Dinner

For all you “Italian” seafood lovers out there, here’s a supposedly Italian seafood restaurant review for you!!!

Di Pescara (Italian) means “To Pescara” in English, in which Pescara is a both the name of the capital AND the name of the province of Pescara in Italy.

However, the food at the restaurant is more…More like a “mixed/halfie” babies – only 75% American and 25% Italian. You’ll see why…

I started with the Tuna tartar appetizer.

Di Pescera tuna tartar

Thoughts: There was a thin layer of tuna stacked on top of a THICK layer of diced avocado. I wasn’t impressed with how roughly everything was chopped (you should see the size of the avocado chunks) and sorta thrown together, but the tuna marinade was Asian, and therefore yummy! The fried won ton’s that the tartar was served with was cold and stale. Disappointing for a $12 appetizer!

Nick started with the Crab Cake.

Di Pescera crab cake

Thoughts: Finally! A crab cake filled with real lumps of crab (woohoo!) and it was seasoned perfectly, so Nick was one happy camper. Only complaint was that it was certainly a little bit greasy.

For my entrée, the Cedar Plank Salmon with a side of sweet potato!

Di Pescera cedar plank salmon

Thoughts: The texture of the salmon was absolutely perfect…moist, soft, and flaky. It was however, lacking the “smoky” flavor that the waiter touted. Good thing I ordered that half a sweet potato, which was probably drenched for a week in super sweet syrup before it was baked.

I guess what upset me a little was that instead of a real cedar wood plank, my fish came on a cardboard wrapped with “cedar” paper, which you can get a box at WF for $5. NOT that there’s anything wrong with cedar paper, but even the Cheesecake Factory roasts and serves their fish on a real plank of cedar wood, so why couldn’t Di Pescara if they charge more??

Nick’s entrée was a half-and-half of BBQ ribs and king crab legs.

Di Pescera ribs and crab

Thoughts: The crab legs were big and juicy, so no complaints there…you can’t really go wrong with a simple boiled crab leg dunked in butter, except the flesh was rather salty. However, the BBQ ribs were a huge huge disappointment. Dry and tough. Enough said. I guess that’s why you should never order American fare at an “Italian” restaurant.

Dessert of an Apple Crostada was shared between Nick and I.

Di Pescera apple tart

Thoughts: This was a decent dessert. Overly hyped up on Yelp, but nonetheless, decent. If you love apple pie with a ton of crust, a TON of caramel, and a single layer of apple, this is the dessert for you. My favorite part must have been the vanilla bean ice-cream on top, and Nick took care of the crust. I believe there was in total three slivers of apple.


Taste: 3.5/5 (No mind blowing dishes, just solid)

Originality: 4/5 (Lots of dishes to choose from…not exactly Italian though)

Plating: 3.5/5

Value: 2/5 (First of all, this restaurant is in a mall in the suburb and charging too much for average quality ingredients. Second of all, the casual atmosphere and crazy jam-packed tables didn’t really justify the prices they charged)

Service: 4/5 (Fast, wonderful, friendly, professional!)


Don’t forget to share YOUR BEST fitness tips!

I’ll pick a person to send some juicy coupons to…so bring those tips on!!! 🙂