My brother left this morning on a plane back to Hong Kong for a month. 😦

Now I’m left to eat alone, which may not necessarily be a good thing. I tend to eat more when I eat in silence, do you? On the other hand, many studies have shown that social settings and television are distractions that cause people to overeat! What works best for you? What do you do to make sure you feel mentally satisfied after you’ve filled your belly?

This is what’s nutritionist says. I somewhat agree! although many other professionals probably advise against it.

Q: To eat in silence? Or while watching TV? I am trying to get in tune with my internal hunger/fullness and thought eating in silence might be a good idea…

A: No, don’t eat in silence. Eating is a social event and talking while eating can actually help to slow you down so that you will sense your satiety better. If you have nobody to talk to then try listening to music and singing along – I always did this while I cooked before I had Will and now I have to talk to him while I cook to keep him entertained and away from the stove! Watching TV is distracting rather than engaging so this actually should be avoided. You can zone into the TV and not even realize that you cleared your plate. The best thing you can do to get in tune with satiety is give yourself time – at least 20 minutes from the time you started eating – so whatever you can do to slow yourself down will be good! eatlikeme


The last Meal

Before sending off my brother, I decided to cook lunch for us! Chinese culture is all about potluck style sharing, a lot like family-style Italian eating.  Though you may not be able to keep track of exactly how much you’re eating, this way you get to try a greater number of dishes! It’s SOOO much more fun than eating sandwiches, salads, and burritos!

last lunch with jeff

Stir-Fried Asparagus & Tomato

Seasoned with Parsley, sesame oil, Chinese hot sauce, and some oyster sauce

asparagus tomato stirfry

Slow Simmered Sprouted Tofu

Firm sprouted tofu from Wildwood with seasoned made with the “recycled” sauce from the asparagus stir fry! Nothing like saving time AND extra sauce. 🙂

sprouted tofu stir fryTandoori Pilaf (the Right) – Courtesy of Tasty Bite!

tasty bite rice

No cooking is correct! We dumped the entire package into a pot of boiling water and the rice came out hot and flavorful. I am definitely a fan of how convenient and well-seasoned the pilaf was. It went perfectly with the dishes, but I probably wouldn’t buy white rice in package even if it’s more convenient. I can cook my own rice for a fraction of the cost!


Here’s another interesting response from SELF regarding Amazing Grass (that so many of you guys have been guzzling)!

Q: I was wondering if you had heard of the amazing grass line of products and what you thought of them/had tried them before. I have seen their products on a few other blogs lately and they are offering a special on them right now and wanted your input before buying them! People are using them as a sort of protein/veggie substitute and adding them to smoothies. alphagam84
A: I wouldn’t recommend investing a lot of money in a product like that. There is no evidence that getting your antioxidants in that form is going to help fight disease long term. You would be better off spending your money on fresh fruit and vegetables because these we know provide you with fiber, antioxidants and other phytonutrients that have been specifically linked with disease protection. If you are really interested in trying it, then adding it to something like a smoothie that is already nutritious would be fine but please do not use it as it is marketed (a substitute for fruit/veggie). eatlikeme


Some Product Reviews…

Voskos Plain 0% Greek

WF was doing a sale, $3 for 2 8oz cups so I decided to treat myself to some Voskos. Stonyfield Farms used to be the only brand with organic Greek yogurt, but Voskos has recently introduces their organic Greeks too! Check their site out here.voskos plain yogurtFirst Impression: The surface of the yogurt had little yogurt lumps that didn’t look too appetizing but I’m sure it was safe. I was also excited this was an 8oz cup rather than the regular 6oz.

Flavor: A tad bit of yogurt sourness, but not as tart as many other brands. I would describe the flavor as mild, and it went well mixed with toppings (cereal)!

Texture: Definitely not as thick and smooth as Oikos, but it was nonetheless creamy enough for me. I liked that it wasn’t like eating cream cheese and that mix-in’s were easy to incorporate. voskos with nature valley maple pecan cereal

It makes a FAB breakie with Nature Path Maple Pecan Crunch cereal (seriously DELICIOUS stuff) and blueberries!

Overall: Big cup of filling Greek! It wasn’t outstanding, but wasn’t short of “good” either. Would I get it if it weren’t on sale? Maybe not.


Tempt Hempmilk Vanilla Bean Ice-cream

I’m all into the alternatives for cow and soy milk lately and have stumbled upon Living Harvest’s Tempt hempmilk ice-cream. Made of hempmilk and other all organic ingredients, this product is:

  • Dairy and soy free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free, cholesterol free, trans-fat free, tree nut free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • tempt vanilla beanStats (per ½ cup): 140 calories, 7g fat (0.5g saturated), 75mg sodium, 20g carbs, 1g fiber, 9g sugar, 0g protein

Taste: Having tried Turtle Mountain’s vanilla bean coconut milk ice-cream, I had similar expectations for tempt ice-cream. First bite… BLISS. I’m not saying this for effect, but DANG this is yummy! If you love vanilla, you’ll love this ice-cream. You can definitely taste the hemp seeds that offer an additional dimension of nuttiness and richness in flavor! In addition, this is every bit as dessert-like and indulgent as its full-fat cow milk counterparts but it doesn’t even taste like “healthier” ice-cream.

Texture: The ice-cream itself is smooth, rich, and creamy though it had a freezer burn on the surface when I first opened the lid. This ice-cream also has tiny specks of hemp seed and tiny bits of vanilla bean scattered throughout to give it that added nutty aroma and gritty contrast in texture.

Overall: I say BUY…Unless you don’t like nuttiness or a slightly gritty texture inside ice-cream. This ice-cream is rich in flavor and texture enough so you don’t feel like downing the whole tub (if you’re like me and you eat straight from the pint tub). I also love that it’s so flavorful, vanilla-y, and somehow has this unique earthy flavor from the hemp that I can’t quite put my finger on. PLUS, it’s got NO ANIMAL products in it!! I’m not vegan, but I might as well be if all vegan products taste like this.

Check the website out here!


Thanks everyone for sharing your fitness tips! Seems like a lot (and a lot) of you guys use water as a hunger tamer! 😉 I randomly picked Gina (Candid RD) to get a couple discount coupons for MaraNatha, Arrowhead Mills, and Barbara’s Bakery for sharing a health tip with us!

Gina said, “Best fitness tip?? Keep your workouts varied! You need to trick your body a bit, to keep in shape, and to continue building muscle!

I love Padma from Top Chef, and I love to hear that she gains 10-15 pounds, and is ok with it. Nick and i always take guesses as to how much weight they gain, I think that’s worth eating all of that delicious food! Her weight loss strategies are perfect, and the jump rope is key to success! A simple, yet powerful step.”


Now…back to some comfort snacks! Courtesy of my mom hauled all the way from Hong Kong. 🙂

Share your most creative tip for feeling satisfied after eating a filling meal and you could score some coupons too! (Not allowed to use “chew gum” cause that’s my tip! And it never works for me. hahaah)

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