How do you fuel yourself for 6 hours of golf-watching (aka Sky-gazing) on TV?

With GRILLED goodies of course! Here is a link from SHAPE to give you grilling ideas and more. For example, have you ever grilled tangerines??

PART 1: Proteins by the man

How about some…Korean BBQ marinated chicken tenderloins, thighs, and legs? More importantly, how about some Cajun-seasoning rubbed grilled salmon, and its sexy teriyaki–glazed counter-part? I’m not gonna lie…I’m not great at grilling meat, but…

grilled protein

PART 2: Veggies by the woman

…I got this down ladies. You’re looking at sliced zucchini’s, Chinese eggplant (longer and thinner but tastes just the same as the thicker stuff), King oyster mushrooms, and Asparagus all seasoned with some canola oil and black pepper. Veggies don’t need any more than that.

summer grilled vegetables

I was also in charge of the apple-BBQ glazed baby carrots and a random tomatillo.

BBQ bbq baby carrots

PART 3: Assemble random veggies and meat over a bed of Spinach sprinkled with pepper & balsamic. TADA!!! Lunch is served (with a side of unpictured grilled corn on the cob).

Grilled vegetables on a salad

Part 4: Go back for Seconds!!

Grilled Vegetable, Kabocha, and Teriyaki Chicken Salad served with Don Sabrosa’s Salsa!

Grilled veggies with salad and salsa

PART 5: Snack your way through (*yawn*) golf!

When you find that life gets boring, try NEW products! I recently discovered a strange liking for seasoned Triscuits (black pepper & olive oil Triscuits are AWESOME), and then I noticed Target was having a sale for the Kashi version of Triscuits!

Obviously, I didn’t get the exact same flavor. The battle is between the Kashi Roasted Garlic & Triscuit Rosemary & Olive Oil. Let’s compare!

kashi vs triscuit

*Disclosure* I’m a tiny bit biased toward Kashi just because I love all their products and feel healthy eating their stuff no matter what the nutritional stats say.

P.s. Kashi hasn’t posted any stats of this new product online yet, so here are the details!


kashi triscuit stats


Kashi– Whole grain wheat, Expeller pressed canola oil, plant sterols, cornstarch, sea salt, dehydrated vegetables, spices, decaffeinated green tea extract, decaffeinated white tea etract, alpha tocopherol, acetate (vitamin E), grape seed extract, parsley, autolyzed yeast, malic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, spice ectract, natural flavor, mixed tocopherols for freshmess, beta carotene (sourve of vitamin A), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B16), Vitamin B12, Folic Acid

Triscuit – Whole wheat, Soybean and/or palm oil, maltodextrin, salt, spices (included rosemary), Monosodium Glutamate (flavor enhancer), onion powder, natural flavor, olive oil

kashi vs triscuit cracker


Kashi – Visibly, you can see that Kashi biscuits are larger in area but much thinner in girth. Upon opening the box, you get a good whiff of garlic (that I love) and when you bite into the biscuit, it’s got a nice crisp and crusty texture with a garlic/onion after-taste. It has just enough salt in it, but I definitely wish it were a little more garlicy! The biscuits taste great with salsa, though it doesn’t hold up to the liquids well.

Triscuit – Thicker than Kashi, Triscuit takes the advantage in how well it holds up to dips and toppings. The biscuit itself is much more flavorful and herby, particularly an obvious rosemary and onion flavor. They are also MUCH saltier than kashi crackers (75mg vs. 135mg sodium per serving) which was a little overwhelming. Triscuit was a tad chewier than Kashi’s cracker because of its extra layers of densely-packed woven wheat layers, but it was also drier to eat.

Kashi triscuit with food for thought salsa


With very similar stats, the two products are neck and neck. I was really put off by Kashi’s INCREDIBLY long ingredient list (though a lot of them are vitamin “supplements”), but at the same time Kashi cracker’s trumps Triscuit’s palm oil and MSG-filled crackers.

Flavor-wise, I gotta say if you like your crackers very salty, Triscuit has a much more powerful, herbilicious (and salty) cracker. It’s salty enough so you learn to stop after a couple biscuits, whereas for Kashi, it feels so much healthier eating it that it’s harder to stop at a couple!

Would you rather eat a product with a longer ingredient list with supposedly “better-for-you” ingredients? Or a product with a shorter, but supposedly more controvertial ingredient list?

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