I hate having to pay for over-priced food at restaurants, and if you’re like me, going to a “nice” place only happens never…unless you snag a deal! The bf headed to Ohio yesterday and decided he wanted to take me out on a date before saying bye.

I hate being alone on the weekends! 😦 Anyways…

Le Colonial is a French-Vietnamese restaurant downtown Chicago that has a Wednesday “date night” deal, where 2 people can order an appetizer to share, an entrée each, and a dessert to share for $20 per person! (Sounds like a lot, but normally, 1 entrée here is $20+ by itself)

Problem is, the selection on the menu is very limited. They only give you 1 choice of appetizer and 2 choices of entrees. Problem 2, the restaurant doesn’t advertise their date night menu so you can’t even find a potential menu list online! Luckily, the bf called ahead to ask what was on the menu and since tuna tartar always sounds amazing to me, we decided to go on a date!

We found out when we got there that the tuna tartar was no longer being served. BOO. However, in replacement of that was…

Ca Bam XUC Banh Trang

wok-seared monkfish with chili, lemongrass, peanuts, & toasted sesame crackers

Le Colonial appetizer

Regularly priced at $11, this feisty dish was a flavorful start to the dinner. Nick took a bite and said, “this tastes like lobster!”. I personally thought it tasted like a famous Cantonese crab dish made with ginger, scallions, garlic, and chili. The monkfish was diced really small, but very flavorful. The crackers themselves were a little stale, but edible.

Tom Xao Sate

sautéed jumbo shrimp & asparagus, in a light sauce of sate spice, chili, & garlic

le colonial shrimp

Regularly priced at $24, this shrimp entree was incredibly spicy and incredibly yummy. The sautéed shrimp were breaded and appeared lightly fried. This was a really flavorful, fresh dish that I had to eat with a lot of rice, and I am someone who can take a TON of heat. Haha.

Bun Thit Nuong

barbecued pork over angel-hair noodles with mesclun greens & lime garlic sauce

le colonial bbq porkRegularly priced at $19, Nick got this flavorful bbq pork dish that was served over thin rice noodles. Unfortunately, the noodles seemed like they had been sitting out in the kitchen for a while, so they had solidified into one big glob. However the bbq pork was smoky, sliced really thin, had just the right amount of fat, and was super tasty. Mmmmm yum.

Dessert was 2 scoops of sorbet from Ciao Bella, a brand that I’ve been dying to try! (Good thing I tried it before buying a pint)

le colonial dessert

We got a scoop of mango and a scoop of raspberry, both very very sweet for sorbet. I really enjoy my sorbets a little more tart, so I probably won’t be going out to buy me some CB anytime soon.


Taste: 3.5/5 (Yummy, but all the dishes were definitely on the greasy side)

Originality: 3/5

Plating: 2.5/5 (I really think they could have done better for the price they regularly charge)

Value: 2.5/5 (This food was yummy, but not worth the regular prices! At all!)

Service: 4/5 (Attentive, friendly server who hung around our table a little too close, too much)

Last words of wisdom? Come here on date night if you like Vietnamese/Thai/Chinese food. I don’t think the dishes are worth it for the prices they charge!

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