Thanks to FoodBuzz, I’ve been getting to be a little creative with my Asian food! FB and Asian Food Grocer sponsored these ingredients for me to create this vegetarian tofu curry dish that’s perfect for a cold fall night. Hope you enjoy my comfort-food dinner recipe that takes, literally 10 minutes to make!

Michelle’s Honey Apple Curry Tofu over Soba

(Vegetarian)Soba, curry, and furikake


Garlic, minced (as much as you like for flavor)

1lb carrots (or any other vegetable you like in curry, try okra!), chopped

1 cup water

½ block Japanese Curry (I used hot apple-flavored curry) – Pictured above as “Vermont Curry”

1 block firm tofu, cubed

Handful Japanese soba noodles, boiled and drained – Pictured above

Furikake/Japanese flaked seaweed & sesame seed topping – Pictured on far right

Cooking Vermont curry in a pot


1.       Sautee vegetables with garlic. Pour in water. Toss in curry block and dissolve into water.

2.       Simmer sauce until thickened. Toss in tofu. Simmer for several minutes. Add more water if you like until it reaches your desired consistency.

3.       Serve over soba noodles

4.       Top with furikake if you wish.

My Review: While I loved the flavor of the curry with the tofu and veggies, I would definitely trim down on the amount of carrots used. It’s a great comfort dish for the fall and it makes me happy snuggling up with a bowl of noodles when it’s chilly outside. 🙂 Doesn’t get easier than this. I also enjoy dousing my noodles with furikake. It’s REALLY good stuff! Get yours here.

vegetarian curry soba noodles

Vermont Curry Review: The curry itself does not taste sweet (or very much like honey or apples), but it is definitely not as spicy as the label indicates (medium hot). This is a creamy, rich curry that is by no means as pungent or coconutty as Indian and Thai curries. Unfortunately, the curry mix has a ton of sodium in it, so I would recommend diluting it with more water when cooking. I’m also not sure I’m a huge fan of “palm oil” being the first ingredient on the list, but maybe the 2nd ingredient redeems it just a little bit?

Vermont Japanse Curry

Please excuse my unglamorous foot in the picture. I’ve been meaning to get a pedicure but might end up buying OPI You Don’t Know Jacque – anyone seen that color?? It’s gorgeous! 🙂

Vermont Curry ingredients: Palm oil, wheat flour, sugar, salt, cornstrach, curry powder (tumeric, coriander, cumin, fennel, spices), onion powder, milk powder, tomato powder, autolyzed yeast extract, fruit paste (banana, sugar, honey, tomato), honey, cheese (cheddar, gouda), peanut butter (peanut), soy sauce powder (soy beans, wheat, salt), chutney, cocoa, apple paste, garlic powder, red pepper, monosodium glutamate, disodium insonate, sodium citrate, coloring (caramel, paprika), soy lecthin, monoglycerides, succinic acid, citric acid, natural and artifical flavor, spices extract (laurel).

Vermont Curry Nutritional Stats: (Per ½ box) 330 Calories, 24g fat, 2460mg sodium, 24g carbs, 9g sugar, 3g protein


I also ordered another Asian snack from the grocer – one that I eat all the time in Taiwan.

They are called Konjac slices.

Made from konjac potatoes, these are super chewy, ultra high in fiber, virtually fat-free, low carb, and super low in calories.

Konjac SlicesThe flavor I got was Chinese Five Spice, and an entire packet of this is less than 100 calories (I should mention they take forever to eat because they’re so chewy.) Check out the product page here.

INGREDIENTS: Konjac Fiber, Barley Malt Syrup, Soy Sauce (water soybeans, wheat, sea salt), and Spices.

I know it takes a while to get used to new funky foods, but hey, we’re food bloggers – discovering new food products is right up our alley! What’s your funkiest food discovery???? (Is it still considered funky now?)


***As a side-note, I wanted to warn you all of possibly moldy Larabars LOOK BEFORE YOU BITE!!!***

Mold on Lime Larabar

As I was about to bite into this Lime Larabar, I saw some grey…and peeled off the entire wrapper to find THIS!! Expiration date: January 2010. UM so why is there mold??? Watch out ladies!! I don’t want anyone to get sick!!!