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It’s your chance to win some Doctor in the Kitchen Flax Crackers. Pay close attention!

Dr. in the Kitchen Flackers 3 angledFirst things First – a cruuucial review so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

I’ve been on a flax cracker trip lately and am just loving the flavor of the flaxseed AND the wonderful nutritional profile of flax crackers! Recently, I was sent 3 different flavors of Doctor in the Kitchen “Flackers” to sample and have to say…these crackers are DEFINITELY right up my alley!

The stats:

  • These satisfying crackers come in 3 flavors: Savory, Dill, and Rosemary
  • Ingredients are simple, natural, and recognizable
  • Each bag contains around 16 crackers in 5oz boxes
  • Each serving = 3 crackers = ~100 calories
  • Texture = awesome!! All the crackers embody the very idea of a satisfying cracker that lies between hearty and light in terms of texture. They are crunchy, not crumbly and can hold up extremely well to any heavy condiments. Unlike Kathy’s Krackers, these are thinner, composed of 4-5 layers of tightly-compressed flax seeds with herbs and spices intermingled throughout.

Flavor #1: Savory

Check out the website for nutritionals stats and full list of ingredients here.

Tastiness: 8.5/10. Excellent savory onion and garlic flavor that also packs a bit of a spicy punch. This flavor has a complexity to it that I enjoy. You get the nuttiness from the flax, but the seasonings added to the cracker come through extremely well – particularly the onions and garlic. They are not overly salty and taste wonderful by itself or with a mild soup like the black bean soup I had! Needless to say, the whole package disappeared within 2 meals. Uh Oh.

Flavor #2: Rosemary

Check out the website for nutritionals stats and full list of ingredients here.

Tastiness: 6/10. I can only take 2 slices before I’m overwhelmed with the rosemary flavor. Looking closely, you see a ton of dried rosemary herbs studded evenly throughout the entire cracker. Though I do enjoy rosemary in small doses, these crackers were made for the rosemary LOVER. However, the cracker has great crunch and a hearty, nutty savory undertone that I really enjoy as long as I don’t have more than 2.

Flavor #3: Dill

Check out the website for nutritionals stats and full list of ingredients here.

Tastiness: 7.5/10. Call me biased, but I can enjoy dill in larger doses than rosemary. Thus, this dill cracker was really tasty to me. It is very much like the savory cracker, except it has a much higher concentration of dill. If you look closely, you can see all the green specks of dill baked into the crackers. There is definitely a spicy kick to the cracker and I enjoyed the presence of the herbs in conjunction with the regular flavors of the savory cracker.

Price: ~$6.60 per box at Whole Foods

My Cost: Complimentary from Dr. in the Kitchen

Your Cost: Possibly FREE if you enter the giveaway!!!!


Doctor in the Kitchen will give…

2 readers (double the chance of winning)

ALL 3 varieties of crackers!

Yes, that means 3 boxes of flax seed crackers!!!

Dr in the Kitchen Flackers straight

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