Once upon a time, there was a lonely girl who loved animals.

Unfortunately, her apartment building forbids pet-owning.

One day, Michelle received a heavy box in the mail! A Pet PENGUIN from the folks at SodaStream.

So…What does Michelle and Pengu do to get to know each other? (Yes I named him)

Pengu is a magical creature who whistles and farts to turn still water into FIZZY water! In other words, Pengu makes Perrier/La Croix at home!

This Pet penguin has a rear end that opens up (like the Bat-mobile’s fancy doors) so you can place a beautiful glass carafe filled with still water into.

His belly is made to encase a tall, skinny carbon dioxide “carbonator” that is hidden once you snap his tummy shut. This metal cartridge belongs to SodaStream and needs to be exchanged/refilled once it runs out. It can make over 50L of fizzy beverage!

When everything is in place, all you have to do pump Pengu’s beak so he whistles (and silently farts).

One whistle = a big fart = slightly bubbly drink

Two whistles = 2 big farts…you get the idea

Once you reach the appropriate fizziness, release the CO2 by pressing a button. Open up his rear end and remove the glass carafe to enjoy your homemade La Croix! Do you see the fizziness?

It gets even better! You can make your own flavored (sweet) drinks from mixers!

For example, SodaStream also sent a diet ginger ale mix that tastes AWESOME….yes, even though it is sweetened with Splenda. (Pictured here with a home-cooked meal.)

The regular (sugar sweetened) beverages from SodaStream actually only have 1/3 the calories of leading store brands because they are mixed with Splenda. For example, the SodaStream Cola has 34 Calories for every 100 calories in a classic Coca Cola.

Click here for a catalogue of drink flavors (including unsweetened)!

  • Classics Ginger ale/Root Beer/Cream Soda/Cola/Tonic
  • Fruit flavors: Cranberry Raspberry/Orange/Lemon Lime/Peach Mango (Nick’s favorite)
  • Lemonade/Lemon Iced Tea/Peach Iced Tea
  • Interesting flavors such as: Pete’s choice and Energy Drink

The diet version is also available for most, if not all flavors. They are all sweetened with Splenda.

If you don’t like sugary beverages, there are other unsweetened alternatives called “flavor essences”. Think La Croix! These include flavors such as:

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Berry

The Final Low Down:


  • Once you buy a penguin, you’ll never spend a dime on Perrier’s and La Croix’s again (Nor will you ever have to lug it back home from the grocery store)
  • Taste – Whether you buy the syrups/flavor essences sold online or not, you have total control over the taste of your beverage. I definitely recommend the syrups because the 2 flavors I’ve tried (diet ginger ale & regular peach mango) are awesome.
  • Eco friendly – You eliminate the packaging waste from cans and bottles, and the pollution produced in transportation of the bottled beverages! I can’t stress this one enough because I’m guilty of those LaCroix cans. 😦
  • Waist-line friendly. No calories in water, no calories in carbonated water with flavor essence. 1/3 the calories in “original” SodaStream syrup itself compared to leading store brands.
  • The sleek look of the device itself (who doesn’t want a pet penguin?)
  • Freedom!!! Make whatever carbonated beverage your heart desires. Literally, anything. You can make pumpkin cider and apple pop using ingredients at home!
  • It makes for a fantastic gift!! You know what to ask for for X’mas! or Enter the giveaway to win it!!


  • Start up cost – Penguin’s starter kit is $199. However, if you would like to buy a pet that looks less like a penguin but performs the same function, SodaStream has sets that start at $89.95.
  • At first, the CO2 carbonator freaked me out a little simply because they look like fire extinguishers. But I’ve gotten over that now. hehe
  • You have to exchange the CO2 canisters once they run out. One whole carbonator carbonates 50L+ of water. It’ll last me a while, but may not for die-hard soda lovers.

Where you can find Pengu and his cousins: Online. Sears. Williams & Sonoma, Sam’s Club…Check out the website for more information.


SodaStream Giveaway Time!!

Win this for yourself or make this THE perfect X’mas gift for a loved one!

THE PRIZE: The Ultimate Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Start-Up Kit (~$100 retail value)


  • Your choice of Black/Silver, White, or Red/Silver Fountain jet soda maker
  • CO2 carbonator to make over 200 liters of soda
  • 2 Reusable carbonating bottles
  • A sample pack of beverage flavors to mix into your soda
  • Your choice of 3 full-sized beverage flavors

To do (each counts as1 entry and let me know if you’ve completed each or ALL of them):

  1. Visit the Sodastream website and comment below with 2 things: 1) pick your 3 full sized beverage flavors if you win!!! 2) Design your own soda beverage and be as creative as you want!
  2. Follow me on Twitter @ LuckyTasteBuds
  3. Twitter My giveaway with a link back to this post!!
  4. Link back to this giveaway on your next post!
  5. Add me to your Blogroll or Google reader if you haven’t already

Deadline: Midnight Central time on Monday November 30th! (The best month of the year!)

Contest open to continental US residents only, but you don’t need a blog to enter!

Not a soda drinker? Check out my simultaneous all-natural Krema/Crazy Richards’s Peanut butter giveaway here!!!