Hello from Hong Kong!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Home is INCREDIBLE so far and jam packed with things to do, food to eat. I haven’t had much time to blog, but rest assured I am reading your blogs and takin’ pictures of my adventures!

In an hour, I’ll be on a plane to Taiwan, so here’s an abridged version of Hong Kong’s greatness (so far)!!!!

The Greatness Countdown begins here…

1. Green Tea Frappucino

You have to order this off the secret menu that all locals know about (kinda like In ‘n Out Burgers)!

Tastes…sweet, but so green-tea-ee! Icy cold and topped with optional whipped cream, this is seriously worth every penny and (almost) every calorie. 😛

2. Getting your food made in front of you.

Example: Japanese Cuttlefish Balls

Other street food examples include: Ice-cream filled crepes, PB waffles, Bubble Tea, and Fruit ‘n Veggie Juices!

Six Fresh, hot balls in a small order. Perfect for a snack mid-afternoon!

Tastes: Like a savory piping hot pancake ball that is soft, moist, and fresh. Topped with bonito flakes (dried fish I believe?), Japanese mayo (which has a sweeter flavor and runnier consistency than American mayo), seaweed flakes, and a tart terriyaki-like sauce…SURPRISE! cuttlefish chunk right in the middle for ya.

3. Crowds

You either love ’em or hate ’em, but they’re hare to escape in Hong Kong. Especially if you count down in SOHO.

4. The Sea Views

Free and hard to escape from. Hong Kong is found in 2 parts. The island, and the mainland (Kowloon), which is attached to mainland China. Harbor views and mountain views are common here. Don’t ever leave Hong Kong without taking the Star Ferry!

5. Tradition

For The New Year, Cantonese (HK people) eat “Pun Choi”, translates directly into “Bowl of Vegetables.” Clearly, this isn’t all vegetables. In fact, this is a 6-persons meal in a ginormous bowl filled with traditional roasted duck, roasted goose, roast pork, dried oysters, scallops, mushrooms, taro, turnip, fish balls, BBQ pork, broccoli, and flavored broth.

Oh my goodness delicious. We eat this over a hot plate on the dining table and then add our own vegetables, tofu, fish balls, noodles, and more.

6. Street Food

Aka street vendors, you can find anything and everything from Curry Fish Balls…

to BBQ Scallops (4 scallops for $3 US…crazy no?)

Fresh, plump, and juicy scallops eaten with a bamboo skewer. Nom.

7. NO TAXES!!!!!!!

Goodness, I’ve missed this. $20 means $20 here, not $23.49 when you get to the cash register.

8. Good Old Home Cooking

Welcome to my home. 🙂

Mom, dad, my brother and I sit across from each other with our dishes to share lined up in the center. Our family is strange and we don’t eat rice often. Noodles are more popular with our fam.

So that is Hong Kong for you in 8!

If you love food, views, culture, great weather (It’s 60’s here in January), shopping, nightlife, and having ENDLESS things to do, you MUST come to Hong Kong!!!!! And did I mention there are NO TAXES? 😛

Enough of my gushing! What do you love about YOUR hometown???