A 24-hour breakfast joint is PERFECT place to dine on a humble weekday evening.

Nick and I stumbled upon the opening of Eggsperience Pancakes and Café on a random stroll in the city one day and we vowed to come back here for dinner. There is something amazingly comforting about eating brunch food for dinner.

Click here for the full menu – Not only are there eggy things, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, Crepes, and benedicts, they also have lunch-type foods like sandwiches, burgers, panini’s, and salads. I won’t be rating Nick’s dish since I didn’t have any, but he said it was “good!” like, the average type of good.

Nick’s Omelette Experience – “The Cook’s Calling”
A meat lover’s dream of diced ham off the bone, bacon and sausage baked with Jack and cheddar cheeses $8.99

All their gourmet omelettes are made with three Grade AA farm fresh eggs and baked in the oven…(I think)…French style. It is offered with hash browns and a choice of toast or pancakes.

Maybe I’m crazy, but DOES THAT look like only 3 eggs to you???

Clearly…you need blueberry pancakes for dinner, not toast! Now that’s a lot of goodness for 1 person, so obviously I helped Nick devour one of ‘em. *note* This is a SIDE to the omelette, not a whole order!! Good deal eh?

Tastiness: A. One of the fluffiest, most blueberry-packed pancakes I’ve ever had at a restaurant! Obviously, there are extra brownie points because they were served with warm maple syrup and extra sweet fresh berries sprinkled on top!!! With the powdered sugar, only a little bit of syrup was needed to make this plate perfect.

Yes, the warm maple syrup needs its own picture because heated syrup is NOT served enough at breakfast joints!!!

My Eggsquisite Benedict – “Lox Bennie”
“An English muffin layered with tomato slices, Nova Scotia lox and poached eggs. Topped off with creamy hollandaise sauce” $9.99

I apologize if the messy ketchup and runny yolk looks off-putting to you…I swear the combination is amazing though.

Tastiness: B+. Of course I asked for sauce on the side! Runny egg yolks are most delicious eaten with tangy ketchup. (No organic ketchup here though. Just the HFCS stuff) the salmon portion was plenty for the price, served warm (not hot nor cold), flavorful, but a little on the greasy side. The muffin was toasted and crispy, and unlike some other benedicts I’ve had, it didn’t get soggy because the chef drained the poached eggs well!

Last but not least, because I am always ready for a heartier dinner…we ordered a salad to share!

California Avocado Chicken Salad
“Featuring sliced char-broiled chicken breast, mango slices, avocado, tomatoes and red onions over baby greens. Served with lime mango vinaigrette” $9.99

Tastiness: A-. As you can see, this giant salad had GIANT pieces of topping. The chef clearly isn’t into slicing food finely, so we got great big bites of tomatoes, avocado, and mango chunks. The chicken breast were seasoned so well and grilled to perfection – not dry AT ALL! The highlight is really the lime mango vinaigrette that made the dish sing. The biggest downside might have been just how spicy the raw onions are…and I definitely think chopping up the tomatoes and mango into smaller pieces would have made the dish better.


Taste: 3.5/5

Originality: 4/5 (Huge huge menu with some pretty interesting dishes!)

Plating: 3/5

Value: 3.5/5 (Pricing was similar to every other brunch place in Chicago, but big portions on certain dishes helped)

Service: 3/5 (Our waitress got our order perfectly and was polite, but I wouldn’t say she looked thrilled to be working on a Friday night)

Overall – I would totally go back again, especially when I’m craving breakfast for dinner. Such a hearty meal, comforting, and relaxing all at a fair value.

Click here for a location near you (Illinois residents only so far!)

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What are YOUR weeknight comfort foods both dining out and staying in??

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