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I don’t know why nobody “invented” and sold this product sooner, but FINALLY, granola that isn’t baked with fat! How oats turned into an unhealthy product with loads of sugar and oil I will never know. That’s why I stick to baking my own granola, or if you’re busy…Galaxy Granola!!

Galaxy Granola really has it down – they absolutely 100% show that granola does not require fat to taste great! I highly recommend their products, especially the fruity raspberry flavor.

Galaxy Granola was founded by a few health conscious folks who had the ingenious idea to substitute applesauce into their granola instead of oil or fat.

If you’re a blog reader, you may have noticed that Galaxy Granola is popping up all over the place and always with raving reviews!! I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the “Fit not Fat” movement and sample some of their truly healthy granola.

Check out 1 serving (1/4 cup or 30g) of Galaxy Granola. For most flavors (except vanilla almond), each serving is 115 calories, almost HALF the amount of calories of standard store-bought granola!

My overall verdict: I would DEFINITELY buy Galaxy Granola over any other brand of Granola on the market! Raspberry is my favorite flavor followed by vanilla almond and not sweet vanilla. The granola is chewy, crunchy, fresh, flavorful and absolutely healthy ‘n DELICIOUS!


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Tastiness: 9.5/10. This flavor is my absolute favorite. Galaxy Granola absolutely did NOT skimp on their freeze dried raspberries, which were mostly whole and uncrushed in my bag. They add a wonderful tart crisp airiness to the denser, crunchier texture of the oat flakes. I love this flavor eaten just with unsweetened almond milk because the lightly sweetened oats and the tart raspberry naturally brighten up the milk with flavors. The granola doesn’t get soggy quickly so you can enjoy your bowl of granola cereal as leisurely as you please!

Not Sweet Vanilla

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Tastiness: 7/10. Contrary to what the name suggests, this flavor is not NOT sweet, and don’t worry, it’s not salty at all.. I like to think that the natural sweetness and nuttiness of the oats really comes through in this flavor. The granola has a very mild flavor overall and there is a light vanilla aroma. This flavor is perfect on a flavored or fruity yogurt. In terms of texture, the bag is dense with chewy oats and a few light crispy cereal bits, but overall more one-dimensional (may be bland to some people) than the other 2 flavors.

Vanilla Almond

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Tastiness: 8.5/10. This is an addictive flavor mainly because of the extra-crunchy whole glazed almonds scattered throughout the granola bits. This is certainly more sweet than the “not sweet vanilla” flavor and holds up very well in both milk and yogurt. There aren’t as many almonds as I would like, but I guess nuts don’t come cheap!

For more information on Galaxy Granola, check out their website here!

*Disclaimer* The products reviewed are complimentary samples from Galaxy Granola. This by no means has an impact on the product reviews given. All opinions of the products are independently formed and reflect my own personal opinions.

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