Two weeks into classes at dental school and already, I have never felt like I worked so hard yet had THIS much fun learning as I do now! Here are 5 things that even I didn’t know about dental schools and dentistry before school started!

Check out our simulation lab. πŸ˜›

7. Dental school folks know how to work hard (really hard)…and play hard too!

6. Dental students dissect cadavers from the pelvis and UP! That means, we have to memorize every single nerve, muscle, artery, vein, membrane, fascia and its function. (which also means, I’m in anatomy lab ~15+ hours/week…that’s how well we have to know our bodies!)

5. Dental school is 4 years and we need to pass the national boards (after 2nd year and after 4th year) to be able to graduate, just like in medical school.

4.If you want to specialize (i.e. orthodontics, pediatrics, oral surgery), there is an additional 2-6 years MORE schooling you have to go through to be licensed! (You also have to be like…top 5% of your class to be able to get into one of those programs!)

3. Dental students practice giving EACH OTHER injections (mostly during their 2nd year of school) before they ever inject a patient.

2. Dental school is just as competitive to get into as medical school! (Tufts accepted under 4% of their applicants to their dental class this year.)

1. If you’re like me, after dissecting a human body, you have NO desire whatsoever to eat anything that has blood or animal fat. The current dental school diet for me consists of: Plenty of bars, PB & jelly banana sandwiches, and take-out.

As for protein, please meet my newest friend (courtesy of Tofu Xpress):

This would be my new Tofu Xpress tofu press, containing SILKEN tofu! Yes, silken! I was shocked to find that not only did this contraption get all the liquid out of my soft, silky tofu block, it didn’t crush it to pieces! I was able to take out the whole block of tofu in one block. The only complaint is that it takes some womanly muscles to push that springy lid all the way down to lock under the plastic wings.

Alright guys…back to studying. Such is life. πŸ™‚