There are a million things you eat that contribute to cavities.

Doesn’t matter what you eat, no matter how healthy your diet is, there will be 2 things in it: sugars and acid.

Your morning oats for example. The sugar in the jam and nut butter, the breakdown of starch from the oats into simple sugars.

Probably don’t have to mention where the sugar from this comes from, right?

The point is, sugars are an important staple in our diet. Don’t avoid it at all costs, but don’t gorge either!

But there are ways to keep your teeth healthy and happy despite a diet high in sugars. Here are some tips I can offer you. Remember, I’m a dental student and not yet certified, but we spend many hours in class mulling over these issues…

As well as creating “wax ups” of teeth. Check it out. We melt green wax over a plaster model with a tooth sanded off. Then using hand tools, we sculp every single nook, ridge, and cranny back on the model. When we’re done, you have to check for TEN contact points in specific locations using the upper jaw to make sure the tooth is “functional” inside this jaw.

You’re lookin’ at 50 hours right here.

Tip #1: Eat your dessert RIGHT after your main meal. Don’t wait for 2 hours later before you dig in to the fruit or ice-cream.

Why? After a meal, your oral cavity will stimulate salivation to bring the pH up to a level where your teeth can re-mineralize (aka get stronger!). Constantly snacking keeps pH in your mouth low so that your teeth cannot remineralize and more prone to cavities. If you can’t avoid snacking, brush afterwards or chew some gum, which will help restore the pH in your mouth to more alkalinic levels.

Tip #2: ALWAYS floss at night before you sleep. You can even skip the mouthwash as long as you floss.

Why? I can’t tell you how easy it is for food to get stuck in those crevices overnight and for bacteria to get to work, nibbling away at your teeth as you sleep.

Tip #3: Say “NO!” to soda

Why? Unless the soda is completely real/fake sugar free, don’t drink it. Obviously, regular soda has sugar that stays on your teeth for as long as you sip it, BUT diet soda still has acids in it that wear down your enamel. Just google it. Straws MAY make it better. A tad.

Tip #4: Limit hard candy & Candy that sticks to your teeth!

Why? Suckers are a huuuuge cavity problem. The issue is not how MUCH sugar you eat, it is how LONG that stuff stays on your teeth.

Do you have any helpful tips to share with us? Please leave a comment below! 🙂