I am SO excited to see that dates, ginger, and goji berries (All foods that I’ve eaten since birth because they are a big part of Chinese diets) have become SO popular in the US!!!

*$$$$ SAVING TIP* If your local grocery carries these EXPENSIVE goods, head to any Chinese grocer and get it cheaper!


I’ve recently been introduced to the Jillian Michael’s Radio show by Jenn & Maggie (from Eating Bender & Say Yes to Salad). I have to say Jillian’s a VERY engaging, intelligent, and persuasive woman.  Since I love learning about the science behind how our bodies work, I thought I’d start out this post with…

3 Things I NEVER knew (until Jillian’sApril/5 show):

1.) High Fructose Corn sugar IS worse than sugar itself!!

Why? Sugar can be metabolized by ALL our cells vs HFCS can ONLY be broken down in your liver. Hence, FATTY LIVER!

2.) 4 Meals a day. NOT 6.

According to Jillian, 3 meals and 1 snack is the way to go. 6 mini-meals per day causes insulin to soar through your system throughout the day, which apparently isn’t exactly great for your body! (YAY!! Who has time to pack 6 meals?!?!?)

3.) Jillian Believes in detox!! She’s doing it the Chinese Way!

NO, not starvation = detox. Instead, Jillian is taking traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) in the form of herb soups and accupuncture to get rid of the toxins in her body via sweating & the bathroom!



Honey Pumpkin Irish Oat Bran

pumpkin oat bran

This breakfast held me over very well until lunch time. Simply 1/3 cup irish oatbran with 1/2 cup pumpkin and cinnamon. Topped with 1 Tbs honey & half a container of cinnamon yogurt!


Maple Cashew-Tofu MuffinWich

Remember how I was freaked out about my dizziness during workouts? I decided to bump up the protein in this lunch.

tofu butter and cashews

1 English muffin, 5oz sauteed firm tofu, a serving of raw cashew nuts, and Justin’s Mapke Almond Butter. (LOVE THESE!!)

salad and muffin lunch

I ate the muffinwich with a GIANT, i repeat, GIANT salad with romaine, roasted red peppers, a cucumber, and artichokes! All with 2 Tbs Newman’s Own low fat Asian ginger dressing! pineapples in a bento

For dessert, 1/4 of a whole pineapple. NOT with dressing!! The bottle is there to show how big my Kitty Bento is. heheeh


Crossword Snacks

Nuts on a crossword

Because you can’t do crosswords without nuts right?!?! There’s probably about 2 servings of nuts in there, and I had about 1.5 because dinner was a while awayyyy!


Eating Semi-Homemade Chi-tali-an!

Dinner was a hodge podge of Italian, Chinese, and American! Here you have high fiber Spagetti and turkey meatballs on the left. On the right, a sauteed spinach & daikon radish stir-fried with galic. (SO GOOD!!!)

spag and meatballs

Whole Foods has cheap chicken on Thursdays, so the bf stopped by for a whole rotisserie chicken on his way home from work. I had the entire breast because the bf claims he doesn’t eat white meat. We’ll see about that.

Did I mention I was a PRO rotisserie Chicken slicer?!?!

Anyone, on the right is Pillsbury garlic buter crescent rolls. I had two of ’em. Maybe 2 and a half?

WF chicken and croissant

Can’t end dinner without some dessert right??

Here’s 1 heated chocolate chip cookie broken up into pieces & eaten with Coconut Milk chocolate ice-cream.

I ate most of the ice-cream and the bf ate most of the cookie. WOW, this flavor is MMM MMM GOOD!! It tasted JUST like coconut + dark chocolate in ice-cream form!!!

dessert sundae with coconut icecream

I felt like I was missing something crunchy after dinner (notice there wasn’t anything crunchy? and I love crunch!) So I ended with a cup of original puffins and skim milk. Perfect!

cut of puffins

PHEW, that was a lot to digest wasn’t it?


Anyway, I’d love to know what YOUR thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine is!

After studying TCM and acupuncture in my University public health program in China, and now, hearing Jillian RAAAVE about her TCM doc, I am pleased to say SWEET! I’m just happy that my culture is more understood! 🙂

I’m simply happy that people are so open minded and SO willing to try new things for the sake of health and happiness.

And that is why food blogger’s & foodies are so cool.

Have you ever noticed that most (if not ALL of us) make an effort to eat out of our own comfort zones?