Huulloohh Dears!!!

Despite Chicago’s rainy crappy weather, I’m in a cheery mood! Wanna win 6 bottles of gourmet sauces/salsa?? Click here!! Anyway, eats away!!

***These are my favorite oats so far! What’s your favorite combo?***

Strawberry Banana Pumpkin Steel-bran Oats

SERIOUSLY the most delicious, filling breakfast EVER. I love it more than Almond Butter on oats for sure!!!

strawberry banana pumpkin steelbran

This takes 1 minutes to put put together once you have the base.

  • Serving of vanilla steel-bran oats (see my last post for recipe) microwaved w/ 3 Tbs water
  • 3 Tbs Pumpkin stirred in (after microwaving)
  • 1/2 Big Banana-mama, sliced
  • 1 container Strawberry Activia (OMG the bacteria in it WORKS!!!)
  • Splash skim milk over the top

pumpkin steelbran oats

To illustrate the nutty steel-cut oats and the gritty oat bran combined, here’s a scoop of creamy bliss!

Though I love the slightly crunchy steel-cut oats, the oat bran adds a really nice creaminess. Delicious!!

vanilla oats ingredients

To refresh some memories out there, here were my raw ingredients to make the vanilla steel-bran oats.

Let me know if you make these pumpkin strawberry banana oats, because you’ll love it!!!


BBQ Tofu Sabra Crunch-a-Lunch!

For an appetizer, I had this assembly of goodies all dipped into Sabra hummus with Roasted Pine Nuts.


For the main, I finished the rest of the packet of baby carrots dipped in more Sabra (yes, I eat a pound of baby carrots at a time) and a super tasty sandwich! I must have had 1/4 container of hummus because it’s SO creamy, but the pine nuts didn’t add anything flavor-wise)

tofu hummus sandwich lunch

The sandwich components:

  • 2 Slices Arnolds honey wheat bread
  • 3 Tbs Sabra Hummus with Pine Nuts
  • Garlic Sauteed Spinach
  • BBQ Glazed Baked Tofu (1/3 block)
  • Tomato, Cucumber slices

tofu hummus sandwich

Does anyone else not get full off a sandwich? Or am I a monster?

A couple hours later, I busted out Dr. Kracker’s cherry semolina crisps.

Dr Kracker cherry semolina

After a serving of these (8 crackers for 110 calories), I had enough.

Though the Hummus Maximus was delicious last time, this flavor was a little too dry and flavorless by itself.


Reza’s Restaurant, Chicago

How about a Mediterranean dinner date downtown tonight?

The last time the bf and I ordered from Reza’s, we got a great deal of delicious food for a fair price. Unfortunately, going to the restaurant was actually disappointing. Between the SUPER slow service and the tiny chunks of fish they call an entree for $25, the restaurant redeems itself by its hige selection of food on the menu and a few home-run flavors in some dishes.

pita bread

After it took the waiter over 10 minutes to notice us after we were seated (grrrr), they finally took our orders and brought out some warm pita. Unfortunately these guys turned really crunchy within an hour. I had 1.5 with my dinner.

reza's lentil barley soup

Our dinner came with complimentary soup. One per diner. I had the Lentil Barley chicken soup, which was well flavored with dill.

The bf had the Tomato Barley soup, which was SO sour neither of us wanted it after 2 sips each.

Reza's tomato barley soup

We ordered the: Skewers of Mixed Vegetables mushrooms, zucchini,
carrots, and tomatoes, charbroiled till tender and
crisp, served with our chef’s exclusive sauce $5.95

reza's grilled veggie appetizer

The bf and I each had a skewer. A little pricy for two skewers, but the flavors were yummydipped in the “chefs exclusive sauce” =Β  Melted BUTTER. Yum. Shows you the power of butter huh?

Vegetarian Sampler #2
A combination of six vegetarian dishes: baba Ghanouj, two shami, Kashkeh Bodemjan, hummus, Tabbouli, and steamed string beans, $14.95

reza's veggie platter

This was my favorite. I literally ate ALL of the tabbouli, string beans, 3/4 of the hummus, and 3/4 baba ghanouj with my pita’s. (SO good, SO flavorful) The bf helped himself to the Kashkeh Bodemajan (sauteed eggplant, curds, and onion) but both of us were grossed out by the shami (the meatball look-alikes that tasted like dry felafel balls drenched with sweet cold curry)

reza's couscous

Our dinner entree came with couscous and a cucumber tomato salad, which weren’t impressive.

Chilean Sea Bass Kabob (Chefs favorite fish & Low Fat)
Big chunks of fresh filet of sea bass carefully seasoned and charbroiled served with grilled vegetable $24.95

Medi Bass from Reza's

Between the two of us, we shared this super-expensive entree for just 4 mini chunks of sea bass. They’re lucky they filled us up with all those carbs or I would’ve been one cranky diner.

Flavor-wise, it was absolutely deliciosu though. The fish was rich, buttery, and melts in your mouth. The butter that the entire dish floats in probably helps. πŸ˜›



Overall: 3.5 (Lots of carbs, tasty food, but try ordering in instead of going yourself!)

Taste: 3.5/5 (Delicious fish flavors, but everything else was average, with a couple “yucky” dishes)

Originality: 3.5/5 (The huge menu puts it one step ahead of its competitors)

Plating: 3 (No stand outs, no surprises)

Value:3.5 (The entree was upsetting, but everything else was huge)

Service: 2 (Slow service and rude servers that tried to take our dishes TWICE while we were clearly still eating from the plates)

For more information, visit the restaurant website!

432 W Ontario, Chicago, IL 60610

Reza's on Urbanspoon


So that was one day in review for you! What’s your highlight this weekend?

In case anyone was wondering why asparagus makes your pee smell funny???, I got a great answer from nutrition grad student and superbly adorable Em!

“Asparagus contains mercapten, which is also found in onions and garlic and skunk secretions. Your digestive system breaks it down, which causes the smell. Not everyone has the enzymes to break it down, so it won’t cause everyone to have stinky urine. Some people think that everyone breaks it down, but some people just can’t smell it.”

Don’t forget to tell me what your favorite oat combo is so I can try it!! πŸ™‚