One of President Obama’s top 5 Chicago restaurants (up there with Spiaggia) and now one of MY favorite “value-for-money” restaurants in Chicago, I proclaim RJ Grunts a true WINNER!!!!

Known for their voluptuous burgers, milk & malt shakes (they can make it alcoholic if you like it that way), how about a coffee with bailey’s at brunch? There’s temperature soup (meaning you pay $ for a bowl of soup depending on the temperature that day! When I went, there was homemade chicken noodle soup and butternut squash) Or you could opt for the salad bar buffet, which includes soups and fresh fruit, crackers and many homemade specialty salad concoctions. This place is more than just a burger joint/diner deal, all you have to do is go to their SUPER fun website, read the menu, and you’ll realize that this is a one-stop spot for all your Sunday brunch, lunch, dinner cravings!!!

Overall: I loved their menu selection, great prices, fantastic service, homemade & fresh foods, and comfortable family-friendly atmosphere!!! This is a sure place to go if I’m craving an all-you-can eat salad bar (it even comes with all you can eat home-made soups AND giant fresh berries of all sorts for dessert)

Taste: 4
Plating: 3
Originality: 4
Value: 4
Ambiance: 3.5

Although the scores don’t do ’em justice, adventurous diners ready for a casual relaxing meal would adore this place. 🙂

The Salad bar buffet – $10.95
Loving: The FRESHness of the veggies (despite it being January); The variety of ready-made salad concoctions – including tuna pasta salad, tabouleh, basalmic mushrooms, egg salad, and even chopped liver!! It comes free with all-you-can drink hot soups and a huge fresh fruit selection.
Second Thoughts: Curious why they have choc chip cream cheese in the salad bar…
Below are 2 of my personal salad bar creations. I had LITERALLY 5 rounds of soup and salads. (Sorry soups aren’t pictures)

Grunt Burger $9.50
with bleu cheese and fried onions; served with homecut fries, a pickle, and coleslaw
Nick likes: The fries of course!
Apparently, the burger was…not STELLAR, but not bad at all. It was merely, a “good burger” – it hit the spot.

Mocha Milkshake $3.95

They can make this drinks with frozen yogurt too!
YUM. Exactly what you expect. A rich and creamy, cold and satisfying drink!

At the end of our lunch, a man suddenly appeared at our table with a dish! He said he’d overheard we were first-time patrons at RJ Grunts so first-timers are given a hot home-baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice-cream over the top! WHAT MORE CAN YOU AS FOR??? (sorry for the glare in the pic)

Other items on the menu:
Veggie burger, Portobello burger, Vintage tuna sandwich, Steak teri sandwich, Baby back ribs, Old hickory chicken, RJ’s Famous Chili, and even Quesadilla’s. 🙂

Highly recommended!! I’m going to be a regular there if only I lived closer!!

2056 N Lincoln Park W, Chicago 60614
At W Dickens Ave

Phone: 773-929-5363
Fax: 773-929-8134