Bell Plantation Says, PB2 has 85% less fat calories than regular peanut butter, is a good source of protein, and still maintains the full flavor of regular peanut butter. Essentially, the oil is “squeezed out” of roasted peanuts and what remains is our famous PB2! The same is done for our Chocolate PB2, except that high quality cocoa powder is added for the chocolate lovers out there.”


Thank you Marie over at Bell Plantation for the wonderful samples!! This is a fabulous and versatile product with about  1/4 the calories of regular peanut butter only, yet still has all the flavor!

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The Original PB2


All you gotta do is: combine 2 tbs of this powder with 1 tbs of water and mix until smooth! EASY!!!!



Method of eating: Mixed in to plain instant oatmeal and topped with bananas

Verdict: Wonderful!!!

The peanut butter powder combined perfectly when stirred in to the warm oats. The clumping was minimal and it made the oats slightly more sticky, but MUCH more flavorful. The product was only mildly sweet and definitely not over-powering. Consistency and flavor-wise, I couldn’t believe how indulgent it made the oatmeal!! Perfect combo eaten with the banana, this oatmeal held me over longer than usual thanks to the PB2!! All guilt-free too!!


PB2 with Chocolate


Method of eating: Mixed in to plain greek yogurt and topped with a chocolate muffin

Verdict: Failure due to a bad combo!!

The chocolate and Peanut flavor were spot-on but doesn’t go well at all with the tartness of the greek yogurt. However, it mixed in to the yogurt easily and combined clump-free and stress-free!