Thank you to every single person who left a comment on my last post. šŸ™‚ You guys are so wise, so thoughtful, and such great role models!! I really feel so lucky to be included in this blogosphere!!!

You guys rock!!!!

And with that, I present you a FABULOUS weekend post of delicious, satisfying, and (I think) balanced eats! Starting off with a gourmet brunch, more Chinatown bun eating, some cake-baking, and a farewell party at night!


The Bongo Room

There is a super hyped about brunch spot in Chicago that I have been DYYYING to go to. The bf took me here after I got my Guardasil injection in the AM and boyyy was brunch tasty. (If you haven’t gotten the shot, get it!! 10 out of 10 doc’s recommend it)

Pear & Apple French Toast

We started off with a half order of this tasty toast….it is “Brown sugar crusted brioche on top of warm spiced pear and apple compote topped with cinnamon creme anglaise”

Bongo room french toast

OMG SOOO GOOD. The syrup with so cinnamon and apple-ish. The toast was flaky on the outside, soft on the inside, and I don’t know what the sauce on the toast is, but it is HEAVEN.

Salmon Eggs Benedict

This was my main dish! I asked for the sauce on the side and instead of hash browns, asked to switch it for fresh fruit.


As much as I love smoked salmon, I still like ’em uncooked. This smoked salmon was too dry, but the eggs were PERFECTLY cooked so the yolks oozed over everything. I dipped each bite into the dill hollandaise…and YUMMMM. Drool.

Croissant Sandwich

The boyfriend ordered the croissant-wich with bacon, melted muenster cheese, a fried egg and hash browns.

Nick's bongo room dish

Overall, the meal was reallly tasty! I loved the restaurant’s bright and happy decor but we agreed that the food was a little over-hyped.

DD ice tea

I rounded out my brunch with an Iced tea from Dunkin Donuts and sweetened it with a pack of splenda and some half & half.


After brunch, we did a good 2 hours of grocery shopping and hit up Chinatown for our favorite BAKERY!!

We returned home with a big box full of yummies.

Bakery buns

By they time we got home, it was late afternoon and I was getting a little hungry, so I made the good old Green Tea Frapp and snuggled up with a Paper-Wrapped Sponge Cake.


I set out to bake a cake for my friends farewell party that night.

Cinnamon Honey Bun Cake!

I modified the recipe to make it lighter, using light sour cream, half the oil, and egg whites. I also went with 1/4 of the icing/glaze specified by the recipe.


This is the cake right out of the oven!


Rock Bottom Brewery

Our surprise farewell party for my friend Ren started a tad late (of course) and I was a tiny bit hungry by the time we got to Rock Bottom Brewery. Despite being SUPER tempted to order a big BBQ pizza, I decided to order this!

Asian Ahi Tuna Salad

According to the menu, the salad is: “Seared sashimi-grade Ahi tuna atop Asian veggies, spinach, baby corn, crunchy noodles and edamame. Tossed with light ginger-citrus dressing.”


The tuna was quite dissappointing and flavorless, but the dressing (which I dipped in) was SO tasty and honey-mustard-like I was won over!

For dessert, we had my cake of course!! Here’s Ren holding up the cake I baked him.


I’m proud to say that EVERYONE finished their slice of cake!! Here’s mine, all moist and cinnamony!

My slice of cake

We rounded out the night by hanging out at a friends’ apartment and eating oranges, gossiping, and then heading over to the theater to watch I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!

What an awkward, yet super funny movie. I was really entertained and I think you would too!


Now I’m ready for a NEW WEEK!!

Every day is a new day and a new opportunity to eat better, live healthier, and be happier!!! Hope you all have a FABULOUS Monday!