I guess it’s finally been proven! Being overweight prolongs health.

Check out this blurb from the NY Times and please share your thoughts!!

“Being overweight won’t kill you — it may even help you live longer. That’s the latest from a study that analyzed data on 11,326 Canadian adults, ages 25 and older, who were followed over a 12-yearperiod.

The report, published online last week in the journal Obesity, found that overall, people who were overweight but not obese — defined as a body mass index of 25 to 29.9 — were actually less likely to die than people of normal weight, defined as a B.M.I. of 18.5 to 24.9.

By contrast, people who were underweight, with a B.M.I. under 18.5, were more likely to die than those of average weight. Their risk of dying was 73 percent higher than that of normal weight people, while the risk of dying for those who were overweight was 17 percent lower than for people of normal weight.” Check out the full article from NY Times right here!

In addition, I’ve been reading an AWESOME book titled “Health at every Size: The Surprising Truth about Your Weight” by PhD Linda Bacon. This book (is rated 5/5 stars on Amazonscientifically backs up the idea that weight does NOT correlate to the state of your health. In fact, we were genetically built to weigh a certain range, though our lifestyle can change that “setpoint” (*warning* it isn’t easy).

The weight loss industry is SO “big” these days, and people have become brainwashed by the media, government, and food industry, that society has made it a social norm to HAVE to be thin. Overweight people have been discriminated against and seen in a negative light, when in reality, many of them eat LESS calories than people of normal weight.

This book is SO mind boggling and full of scientific research. Being someone who studied science (yup, bio, orgo, chem, physics…) I am ultra skeptical when I read articles, and this book has it DOWN. You gotta read it! (Or wait for my thoughts. hehehe)

That being said…I’ve prepared a feast for you all today. Here’s a day of yummy Chicago eats with little tips to help save you money and hopefully make some healthful and indulgent choices when eating out! 🙂



$-$$ Brunch, Comfort Food

Kitsch’n was pretty much made famous when Rachel Ray came here for her $40 a Day Food Network show. I decided to take the bf here because I like to see if Food Network stars have much crediblity. hehehehe…Read on to see what we think!

*$$$ TIP* At the Chicago Ribfest, the bf and I bought a stack of “coupon cards” for $20. This deck of cards has 52 X $10 OFF coupons for 52 famous restaurants in Chicago, and Kitsch’n was one of them. It made our brunch SUCH a great deal ($22 TOTAL, tax and tip for 2 people & 2.5 dishes, plus coffee!) Buy the a la card here!

Green Eggs & Ham ($7.99)

When she came here, Rachel got the “Green Eggs”, which my bf HAD to get because the eggs are made green by pesto. This is, 3 eggs scrambled with fresh basil pesto, scallion, & smoked ham; Served with Texas toast & crispy hash.

kitsch'n green eggs breakfast

The bf called this dish “herbacious, tasty, good, but not blow my mind good!” (sorry it’s covered, he took the picture, and he’s not really a “food blogger”) He managed to pick out many sprigs of rosemary, which I found pretty entertaining because those things are STRONG. Hmmm I think he might have regretted getting this dish.

Tex-Mex Veggie Burger ($9.99)

I went for the veggie burger cuz the waitress said it was a “restauraunt veggie patty”, not the freezer crap. Instead of their burger bun (simply because I personally am not a fan of burger bun texture), I went for Texas toast. Its description is, “All-natural veggie burger, served on a sesame bun and granished with sliced tomato, avocado, red onion, mixed greens and a side of pico de gallo.”

Kitsch'n tex-mex burger on Texas Toast

I didn’t realize how thick the texas toast slices were, but the two were definitely very filling and nutty (I asked for wheat). The highlights of this dish were most definitely the spicy and fresh pico de gallo, as well as the creamy sliced avocado eaten with the patty. The veggie patty itself was VERY delicious and nutty, well-seasoned and flavorful. The downside of the dish was only that the greens wereren’t as fresh and were starting to wilt. I got a raspberry-champagne dressing, which was AWESOME.  

Phat-Jacks with Blueberry

The bf and I shared a half order of the phat jacks with blueberries. They are 3 buttermilk pancakes with powdered sugar and whipped cream.

kitsch'n blueberry flapjacks

UM YUMMMMMMM??? This is everything a pancake should be – light, fluffy, and super moist inside. The edges were lightly crisp from a crust (which I love!!!). The best part of this pancake is that for $1 extra you can get banana/strawberry/blueberry. We got blueberries and the chef DOUSED these pancakes with blueberries, though they’re hidden on the bottom. nom nom nom…I love not feeling jipped of blueberries. heheheh


Taste: 3.5/5 (Everything was yummy, but not as memorable as I had imagined from all the fuss over it)

Originality: 3.5/5 (There are some unique dishes, like the green eggs!)

Plating: 2.5/5 (The dishes here are the ones I used in the dining halls in college, but pancakes looks awesome regardless of what plate it was on…meheheh)

Value: 4/5 (With our coupon, it was only $22 all inclusive!)

Service: 4/5

Last words?? I’d go back again to try their other comfort foods, just not anytime soon. There are plenty of places I prefer for brunch downtown.

Kitsch'n River North on Urbanspoon


Mity Nice Grill

$$-$$$ American

The restaurant is located conveniently downtown in Michigan Avenue’s shopping mall Water Tower Place. I live 1 minute away from the restaurant and have actually never been there! Mity Nice really surprised me with the tastiness of it’s entrees and makes for a semi-fancy meal. 🙂 I came here with Nick on a weekday night to “rate” the restaurant (we’re food “critics” for several Chicago restaurants…neat huh??)

We started with a bread basket of warm cheesy mini-popovers. And then we asked for another one because they were yummy. hehehe

Mity Nice Grill Popovers

Shrimp Cocktail ($10)

THIS was a dissappointment of an appetizer. There were 5 scanty pieces of shrimp that were overly chilled (possibly frozen) served with some also over-chillled cocktail sauce.

Mity Nice Grill Shrimp

Luckily, the olives were plump and the cocktail sauce actually tasted really good. Save your money on this appetizer. *sigh*

Mexican Chicken Salad ($10)

This was a redeeming appetizer! It is: warm braised chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, tortilla strips, and poblano dressing.

Mity Nice Grill mexican chicken salad

First of all. THANK GOD this is a much bigger appetizer than the shrimp. Second of all, it tasted DIVINE. The chicken was shredded rotisserie chicken, not that flavorless white meat you get everywhere else. Second of all, they tossed in some ripe avocado’s and tossed it with a tart poblano vinaigrette that united all the flavors of the dish. YUM. Yum. yum….

Simply Broiled Salmon ($19)

I ordered the salmon for my entree, and substituted roasted potatoes for a ginormous baked potato (I’m strange and I like the flavor of plain baked potato.) This salmon sits on top of a bed of sauteed garlic spinach, and the salmon is topped with a tomato relish.

Mity Nice Grill salmon entree

The photo doesn’t do any of these ingredients justice, but I SWEAR the potato was the length and width of my hand. Not JUST by palm, my hand, including the finger nails (I’m 5’9 and have long fingers.)

Oh yes, salmon cooked to perfection! I love when the outside is slightly crisp and super well-seasoned while the meat inside is so soft and moist it melts in your mouth. The tomato relish really took the dish to another level and offered a wonderful tart contrast to the rich flavor of the fish itself. The spinach was super garlicy, just the way I like it. Of course, everything was bursting with flavor and went perfectly with the plain potato. It was so huge I had to bring more than half home. hahahah

Barbecue Babyback Ribs ($20)

Nick ordered a full order of hickory smoked baby-back ribs that came with a sorry little piece of corn and a big baked potato. On the side was sour cream and butter.

Mity Nice Grill ribs dinner

Nick shared two pieces with me first, and then he lost another 3. These ribs were SO DARN good!!! So much better than the ribs we got at the ribfest…juicy, fall-off-the-bone, smoky, bold, flavorful, and a little tart. Jeez….I dreamt about it at night. I swear!

Mity Sundae ($5)

Nick and I shared a 2 scoop ice-cream sundae! Simple, diner-style, straight-up good sundae.

Mity Nice Grill sundae

This is just one of those traditional, fudgy, peanutty, super sweet vanilla sundae that brings you back to childhood. It was probably better than it looks in the picture…gawd, peanuts and hot fudge had a magical way of making dessert taste like…heaven.


Taste: 4/5 (Our entrees were a homerun, but that shrimp….disaster)

Originality: 4/5 (The menu doesn’t seem especially innovative, but the details in the dish really count – rotisserie chicken in salad? That tomato relish on the salmon?? YUM)

Plating: 3.5/5

Value: 3/5 (For a downtown American restaurant…it’s decent)

Service: 4/5 (The bartender was also our server…we have NO idea how he did both jobs considering he was an AWESOME, attentive server)

Final say? I’d definitely go back again..thought the menu isn’t especially interesting anymore since I got everything I wanted all at once already anyway.

Mity Nice Grill on Urbanspoon


So we still wonder why we’re an overweight popluation huh? Well, I think it’s totally ok to eat out, but MAKE SURE you get what you want…and don’t splurge too often, I still don’t think MOST restaurant food is all that worth it!

Care to share your thoughts on the NY Times article? Wanna hear more about “Health at Every Size”?? Leave a comment!! 🙂