I ran out of brain juices for a thoughtful title, so I decided to just call out everything I’m going to rave about in this post. 🙂 Good strategy?

First of all…Welcome New Readers!! Thank you for commenting and Thanks for all the feedback on EEyucky food products you’ve tried. Here, I’ve compiled a little list of Products bloggers have deemed “Not Worth Your Money!”:

–          Ellie says, “Great packaging + taste FAIL = Stonyfield’s pumpkin pie yogurt” (*lol*)

–          Lynn says, the Trader Joe’s sweet potato soup is “no good”

–          Biz says the Amy’s frozen pizza’s were a “let down”

–          Abby says she’s not a fan of the Cherry Pie and Ginger Snap Larabars

–          Evan also thinks the Cherry Pie Larabar is a no go! (I’m not a fan of the cherry pie either!)

–          And then there’s Miss Averie who makes EVERYTHING from scratch, so she’s never had packaged food fail.

***On to the Eats!***

Part I: Pumpkin Love (how original huh?)

Like many of you have suggested, I took the initiative to make my own pumpkin soup after the failed packaged butternut squash soup attempt. Pumpkin by itself has a much milder flavor (if you don’t use pie pumpkins), so I would just keep in mind what kind of pumpkin you’re using. 🙂

Creamy pumpkin soup with sesame seeds

Creamy (yet cream-less) Curry Pumpkin Bisque


  • Chicken Soup (Mine is homemade using skinned chicken thigh, cabbage, and shitake mushrooms)
  • Pumpkin, steamed
  • Curry Powder (I used Indian curry powder from an ethnic grocery store. The whole tub cost me a little over $1)
  • Seasonings to taste (onion powder, garlic salt, and ground white pepper)

Pumpking Soup spices


1) Put half of your soup and steamed pumpkin chunks into the blender. Cold ingredients are great. Too hot and the blender could erupt from the vapor pressure! Add your seasonings.

2) Blend.

3) Add the rest of the soup and pumpkin chunks.

4) Bend.

5) Taste. Season. Blend.

Notice that the chicken soup/broth I have is chunky! This is from the stewed cabbage that has pretty much broken down from the many hours of cooking. Extra fiber my loves!!

Blender and pumpkin soup ingredientsSeriously, I just eyeballed everything and threw it into the blender. Season everything to your liking, and if you like more pumpkin, add more!

Tastiness: IT IS SO GOOD. 9/10, and not because I’m biased! So much more fresh and healthy than store bought soups! I put a lot of curry powder so it’s spicy and extra flavorful. In this experiment, the pumpkin flavor isn’t very pronounced and almost made me wish I had more pumpkin! However, curry compliments the pumpkin well, and I am NOT complaining about how creamy the soup is.

Remember the Trick for creaminess: Homemade soup. You don’t even need to put chicken, make veggie broth! If you cook cabbage and mushroom with H2O for a long time (overnight), the veggies break down into a stew-like texture. This makes your soup so creamy you don’t even need milk or a thickening agent.

Next up,

turkey patty pumpkin shirataki

Shirataki  Noodle Pumpkin Stir-fry with Enoki  Mushroom Turkey Patty


  • De-skinned Pumpkin, steamed and cubed
  • 1 bag shirataki noodles (I used Korean black yam shirataki noodles, which are cheaper than the House Brand)
  • ½ head nappa cabbage/whatever vegetable you have around
  • 1 tbsp MSG-free chicken-broth powder (My secret weapon for saving money and the environment. I can lasts at least 50 bowls of soup!)

Instructions: Throw it all in a pot and stir fry with H2O. Tada!

Pumpkin shirataki stir-fryTHE easiest thing to bring to work! And so tasty too!!

Tastiness: 10/10. I was hungry, and it was hot, steamy, flavorful, has all the texture and colors you could possibly want (and more)…and most of all, it was full of fiber!! muahha



I recently stumbled upon this Multi-grain Pancake and Waffle mix from Trader Joe’s and KNEW I had to buy this.

Trader Joe's multigrain pancake mix

At $1.99 a box, this mix is cheaper than the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix from Trader Joe’s AND it’s bigger in size! By buying this box, you would be:

  • Getting a better bang for your buck even though you’re buying the same brand/type of food!
  • Getting extra fiber and grains from the “multi-grain” in the mix
  • Have the ability to make your pumpkins AS pumpkin-y as YOU like it to be! With no artificial stuff
  • When you’re tired of pumpkin (as if this’ll happen to our crowd), you can add your own flavors! I’m thinking green tea or espresso waffles and earl grey tea pancakes!
  • Bonus: You can make biscuits with this mix!

Mix Tastiness: 9/10. This is THE best pancake and waffle mix I have personally ever tried although you don’t taste the grainy texture (which I love) because the wheat flour in this is ground up so finely. (I’ve tried MANY mixes. Including: Aunt Jemima, Hungry Jack, and (the most disappointing) Whole Foods buckwheat pancake and waffle mix.)

Even without putting any oil into the mix, the waffles came out crispy and browned on the outside, fluffy but yet still spongy on the inside. It’s none of that airy stuff, nor is it doughy or dense. The best part is that the waffles rise so well that a little batter goes a longer way to produce some volume! Another cool fact is that you can change ALL the wet ingredients suggested on the box and still produce a great result. Go buy some!

I decided to make my plate of 1 savory and 1 sweet waffle! (Nick has a waffle iron, and I’m jealous)

turkey & poached egg on waffle

The Ultimate Multi-grain savory waffle mix:

  • 1 cup mix
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 egg

Serving Suggestion: Deli turkey and a poached egg will do the waffle wonders!

Tastiness: Fresh waffles don’t get enough credit! This waffle has a very lightly sweet flavor that goes incredibly well with the gooey egg and turkey. The crunchy shell lends itself well as a textural contrast to the soft toppings, whereas the inside is still soft and moist. YUM!

*Waffle iron tip* Wait until the iron is super hot before you pour your batter on it to prevent sticking. I totally forgot to grease the iron, but NOTHING stuck! Not even the chocolate chips! This goes for frying fish without oil or water. The skin will not stick to your pan if it’s extremely hot.

The sweet Waffle Mix:

Use the savory mix and sprinkle semi-sweet chocolate chips over the batter when it’s in the waffle iron.

Trader Joe's mix made waffles

Serving Suggestion: Eating the chocolate chip waffle plain is recommended by the boyfriend, though I suggest having yogurt or syrup with the waffle will help quench thirst.

Tastiness: Nick fought me for this waffle. Enough said.

Nutritional Stats (To make 2 5-inch pancakes, dry mix): 150 Calories, 2g fat, 500mg sodium, 28g carbs, 2g fiber, 2g sugar, 4g protein

So I ask you this my food lovers,

What is your FAVORITE “unloved”/under-hyped product find???

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