Hi friends!

Lucky Taste Buds has been going through some rough patches and disappearances lately, but I hope that you’ll keep me on your Google Reader or visit occasionally because sometimes, I WILL share something useful!

Dental school has kept me busy, but if I’ve been learning all this “good stuff”, I figured all you food-lovers and health-lovers would also appreciate some good oral health care tips too!

Three fabulous foods you never knew could prevent cavities!ย 


Yup, protein and fat. The combination (free of sugar) is actually anti-cariogenic! (which means, anti-cavities!) Another fabulous reason to eat cheese I guess.


Whether it is xylitol gum or xylitol mints, these are great to pop in your mouth after a meal if you can’t brush. Personally, I do both, but I find that chewing gum encourages my teeth grinding habit, so sometimes I go with mints during more stressful periods (exam time) when I know I tend to grind more!

Spry makes delicious mints in many flavors, including peppermint, lemon, and berryblast! Trident also makes gum with xylitol in it now!


Nope, not the chocolate that is full of sugar and milk, but the real stuff. Dark, wholesome goodness.

Now I can not-so-stealthily transition into some amazing raw, organic dark chocolate that I got to sample recently from Fearless Chocolate.ย ย Look how cute the bars are!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fearless Chocolate makes 5 dark chocolate flavors, all raw, all organic, and all dairy-free!!

All the bars are 2 servings and 120 calories per serving.

  • 75% Cacao Dark as midnight Great for those who love dark chocolate straight up. This was one of my favorites!
  • 70% Cacao Matcha Green Tea Peppermynt Though not as green tea heavy as I would like it to be, still a refreshing, unique flavor that I enjoyed.
  • 70% Cacao Super Seeds (with Chia AND hemp seeds!) I know, I know, seeds are good for ya, but this flavor took me a while to warm up to. It had a nice crunchy texture but the seeds kept getting stuck in my teeth!ย 
  • 70% Cacao Sweet and Hot (with Hibiscus and Ginger) I can’t say anything good about this flavor so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut. I honestly didn’t enjoy this one much.ย 
  • 70% Cacao Exploding Coconutsย This was my #1 favorite. I am NOT a coconut lover, but the shredded coconut in here just works wonders.ย 

And because I know everyone is interested in some stats and ingredients. Here is my favorite flavor and its nutrition label. The other flavors don’t deviate much from this awesome, short, wholesome ingredient list!

Thank you Fearless Chocolate for providing the samples. Rest assured that all opinions above are my own and I was not subsidized or compensated in any way for this review.